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Tuesday, 15 February 2022


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I hope that we have not missed the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday. Family together to celebrate you is a wonderful may to mark the moments before we blink. As always your stories are beautifully woven & wrap us, the readers, into your glow of life. Sorting through paperwork is never an easy task whether it be 40 years worth of 4 years worth ... why do we delay? I have two December 25th birthday friends that celebrate in July, go for it, Ma'am

Leslie Susan Clingan

Delving into all of that paperwork is physically and emotionally draining. You have every right to feel drained. Hope it is a very temporary tired. Hope you rally in time for the birthday festivities with your family. Enjoy every precious moment.

Karen B Walker

I can readily sympathize with the paper sorting. We worked through our 40+ years of papers last year. They've been sorted and purged, but are still in the process of being as organized as I'd like. It does get to be tiring, to say the least! Happiest of birthdays, and may the celebration revive you!


Isn't it horrible how paperwork multiplies when you aren't looking? It's so easy to just put it away for another day so I'm very impressed that you have tackled it!
I think there is a very good argument for having an official birthday at a warmer time of year. I hope you had a lovely day with your family x


Love the layout! I know what you mean about the cleaning out! I just finished my scrapbook room. So much "stuff" AND paper! Luckily, I did my files right before there remodel in November, so at least that's not hanging over my head. Next up on my list is the library. Time to get rid of books!


How lovely to read your poignant Simply a Moment and send you belated birthday wishes.

Clearing paperwork and the stuff of a life is never easy; you're doing really well, so don't be too hard on yourself.


Happy birthday, Alexa. Enjoy the extra attention and celebration. I found that on paperwork, the more I really think about it the less I really need to save. I had a major shred fest the other day. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to be as brutal in the housewares and home decor departments.


what a beautiful article! I want to thank you for encouragement on my blog that I see in your comments so often lately!

Kathy Aylward

Hi Alexa, not sure if you get to this this however thanks for stopping by my blog. I know I can hardly believe my kids are grown up, so many great memories of them playing out in the back yard and teaching them to grow potatoes, corn and make pasta and pizza and bread. Time sure does fly by. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia - 11th December, 2022.

Kathy Aylward

Happy New Year Alexa, from Brisbane


What a beautiful SAM. I can sympathise wholeheartedly with dealing with the accumulation of paperwork, be gentle with yourself.

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