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Monday, 07 February 2022


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Definitely more Chief Inspector Gamache & I'll join you with my mug of tea & a cosy rug over my knees so the cats can curl up with us.

I like your photos but particularly that branch with sheep's wool caught on it - good find.

Our your poor 2 1/2 yr Granddaughter - but isn't it something children of that age will come to see as a normal part of life - she's known only pandemic life of sorts. Glad to hear Mr Hippo tested negative. That's a valuable document for your children - I am sure difficult to create.


You should always factor in hot chocolate!

I thought of you over the weekend because I saw Karen M ... can you believe it is almost 6 years since I joined you at the Agricultural College?


What a funny story about Hippo having his LFT! It's strange how their age group are going to take it for granted that these things have to be done before you can arrange to go somewhere. I caught Rosie with a finger up her nostril and she assured me she was just 'doing a covid test' and did I want her to do it to me? Thank you but no!

Karen B Walker

It's really quite lovely that your granddaughter had a "fun" way of working through her experience with Covid testing. I often wonder what kinds of reflections my grandchildren will have when they look back on these pandemic years of their childhood. It will certainly be different than mine or my children's. I always love your photography and the "Curiosities of the Week" would make for a fun photography project!


Love the eclectic photo selection. And how nice to turn a yucky necessary thing into a game for the little one. Knocking soundly on wood here that I have not had occasion to need a test as yet. Hoping 3 shots in the arm keeps it that way.

Having worked on my sis-in-law's estate in 2021, means I am hoping to do a little of that forward planning this year as well. With more and more online, the amount of actual paper in the office has thankfully steadily been shrinking the last several years, but there is still progress to be had.

Hubby and I just started Wordle this week - and he is ultra-competitive about it - which was no surprise to me. So far his streak is unbroken, mine not.

Leslie Susan Clingan

Thank you for stopping by to visit. I am always glad to hear from you. And to catch up with you here.

My heart hurts with the worries this danged virus has inflicted on our babies. I have been subbing in my granddaughter's kinder classroom and we spend so much time wiping the desktops with sanitizing wipes and washing their little hands. My grands asked for a doctor's kit so they could tend to their sick 'babies'. I am afraid that is just the beginning of some of the issues we may see in these little ones as they get older because of the isolation and restrictions brought on by Covid.

Please tell us more about how you created the document to tell the children what to do and where everything is once you are gone. I have a book called I'm Dead Now What which is supposed to help us create instructions for our kids. But my husband shudders every time I get it out. This has to be the year we tackle that, though.

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