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Tuesday, 11 January 2022


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Lovely photos of Chatsworth ... I haven't been there since I was a teenager.
"Tolerations" made me pause and think ... here's to tolerating them no longer!

Karen B Walker

Beautiful photos! And your post reminds me to pull Joyful off the shelf (half read) and start over again!


How wonderful to have been at Chatsworth, definitely smile-inspiring, and yours is a welcome sight.

On the "tolerations" front, I have made progress in that some things that have been so long ignored even through nearly 2 years being mostly at home, are now clearly no longer necessary and I am finding it easier to clear them away in one way or another. I have this quirky habit of loading up a to-do list on my phone when hubby was going to be away and I knew I could get through lots of little projects. But I never got to even 1/3 of them when at my most productive. So I have taken a new tack, and those long lists are being dealt with in groups of 5 - I have a spot for 3 weekly projects in my planner. So each week 3 of the projects get put in the planner, and 2 projects are deemed to not be necessary and are forgotten and the objects discarded as appropriate. It worked wonderfully in Week 1 of 2022, wish me luck in continuing.


Your lady rose is quite beautiful & what a treat Mother Nature has given in this bloom. I am interested to know more about tolerations in our home & life. Sandie Cottee recently put me on to the silent to do's which rob us of energy. I check with our library for this book. And thank you again for the referral of John O'Donhue's Blessings Between Us - I really am enjoying it & it pairs nicely with the novel The Midnight Library - both have me pinging! Chatsworth is such a gorgeous place to be.


Chatsworth House and the gardens there are beautiful aren't they? We visited once a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed our visit.
I smiled when I read of 'tolerations' - yesterday it was a gloriously sunny but cold day. The conservatory, being in full sun, was lovely and warm but the doors have many, many sticky hand prints on them. The more I looked, the more I saw until I had no option but to reach for my window cleaning cloths and tackle them. Then of course I had sparkly clean doors which made the windows look dreadful in comparison. An hour later all sixteen windows were gleaming, the frames were washed down, I was exhausted, a few spiders were rehomed to the garden and the carpet was not only hoovered but shampooed. All jobs which had been put off for too long but oh how I am enjoying looking at the results of my work today! Your rose is beautiful and a hint of things to come.


I've tried to keep the lessons from Joyful top of mind these last weeks. You know I LOVE that Joy is an active choice :-) I snapped a photo on my walk yesterday of the first cherry tree blossoms (they're about 3-4 weeks early) ... expecting that they'll be covered in ice and snow sometime tomorrow.

Leslie Susan Clingan

What a survivor that little rose is. Gorgeous color. Very hopeful in the midst of winter. Thank you for sharing its beauty with us. And the book that has you thinking and looking for beauty all about you.

I have cursed the 3 blown lightbulbs that are out in our house. But haven't had a moment this week to replace them. Maybe tomorrow.

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