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Monday, 16 August 2021


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What fun you will have with you budding gymnast! And our neighbors planted a shrub that was supposed to stay low but has grown so tall that it blocks the sun - not a good thing.


How lovely to hear from you. Glad to know all is well. These last 17 months have been difficult months & to make major decisions gets sticky from all that is going on with a world wide pandemic. Your littlest is leading the way with joy, simple unfretted joy. Let's all follow her lead.

Honore´ Francois

The "littlest" is adorable! I love all the color- words, graphics and the photo- of this post and the story is just perfect. Oh! To jump on the bed again. Such a delight to share the moments again with you.


Karen B Walker

It's always a delight to see a post from you pop up! What a darling little hopper! And she'll be as glad to see you, I'm sure, as you will to see her. Safe travels, and enjoy every second of your visit!


Hi! I read your comment on Honoré's post and realized somehow my feed reader link to your blog failed to update - I'm happy to see a post from you! especially one that sounds a little hopeful and is full of joy with the jumping girl in the middle. xoxo.

sheila 77

This is a lovely blogpost, like a chatty letter from a friend.
Interesting about the height of your trees - we have bought several bush and tree plants whose actual heights become much greater than the estimated height and also plants which do not reach anything like the height given. I think it depends on how good we are to them - or not.
Yes, it seems like Autumn is already here. I rather like the cooler weather.
Thanks for your nice comments on my blog.


Oh what a joyful photo! It sounds like you have been having a busy time, and it is lovely to see your blog show up in my sidebar to let me know you've had chance to do a new post.
It does seem that we have slid straight into Autumn here too - how lucky I took up crochet and have a supply of blankets ready ;-)


What a joyful photo - she looks so beautiful!
I might be late in catching up with my blog reading, but I was so happy happy to you pop up in my reader!


I've missed your posts lately! That little monkey bouncing on the bed is adorable!

Melissa Gross

What a beautiful moment captured - so many of life's little details recorded here. Hope you have a great time with the littlest!


I love how Littlest was caught in action - so much joy in that photo and so much hope in your post. I've missed checking in!


I’m very late in catching up but so happy to read your lovely blog again! So happy that you are back to regular granny mode. Such a fun photo, brings back all the jumping on the bed memories. I love how you have woven in all the little details of the everyday. Here’s to many more lovely days!


I am just getting back to blogging and your post is a perfect example of why I missed it while I was away. In amongst the beautiful prose was a needed reminder to back up my computer as well. And of course that photo produced rather a large smile - circus-performer-in-the-making! Indeed.

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