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Saturday, 22 May 2021


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Memories in real time are so much more important than blogging. Have a wonderful time with your family.

P.S. Is that a lamb in a RAINCOAT??????? Oh.MY.WORD!


Hello Dee! and yes, it's a lamb in a 'warmcoat': some of the hill farmers here, due to the very cold Spring and heavy frosts, have been offering their newborns some additional protection :).

Karen B Walker

Still here, and delighted to see you and yours! Nothing better than time with family, and you've got wonderful photos to document it whenever the time comes. Enjoy every minute!


I am so excited you are having family time again. The scrapbook pages will flow when the time is right.


What a lovely photo collage catch up. Glad to see that ease of lockdown allows you in person connection & hugs of family. I chuckled at your lamb in a raincoat ... I often see the donkeys in brightly coloured jackets to keep them safe from hunters.

Leslie Susan Clingan

So glad to hear from you!! You have been missed. But you have been busy we see. And living life is so much more important than writing about it. Your photo collage is lovely. You could print it off as is and make a scrapbook page for spring 2021. Love the child in the yellow slicker and the lamb in the orange one and you? on the bench.


The lamb in the raincoat - sigh!
So happy you've been able to see the loved ones again - enjoy every moment with them! :)


Love hearing of people inventing stories to use while playing with puppets. They're a great way to expand the imagination.


Well enjoy your June with those that mean the most to you. Of course, we'll still be here.

Your photos and writing are always worth waiting for, even when you make me jealous of building blocks and buttery biscuits.

Carol Anne Wall

Nice to see you again. I've just re-picked up the blogging pen myself. Lovely pictures. Good luck with the garden!


what a lovelly photo nothing better then time with family Enjoy every day

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