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Thursday, 04 March 2021


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What lovely clear photos - how peaceful and serene it looks. You certainly live in a beautiful part of the country. Here's to many more, warmer, brighter days!


I love your layout! And that little sprig is the perfect embellishment!


Beautiful photos to go with your thoughtful words. :)


We have so many marshlands and streams around here. The wet winter has really filled them up. I love that blue sky in your photos


It is more difficult to calm our minds lately.

I miss being able to look out over water and just clear my head. I used to live on a large tidal river in Florida and I would find myself several times a day just staring at the tide moving in or out.

I didn't realize when we moved here how much I would miss being close to the water.


Some very deep thought going on beneath your waters. Your photos are as always magnificent which are shown off to their best on your simple, clean lines of a grid.


So beautiful when it's calm and we've had some lovely blue skies recently too. Your photos are a great way to capture what it looks like near you. I always think that just as we've had the last of the cold weather, March takes us by surprise and we wake up to a frozen pond again and always once the frogs have laid their spawn.

sheila 77

Your area looks beautiful and marvellous to walk in.
I always love your journal pages whether hand-written, digital or a lovely layout like this one (possibly also digital?).
It is very cold here. even colder than earlier, I think.

Karen Walker

The photographs are stunning, but it's your reflections on your OLW than really resonant with me.


Love the reflections in both words and pictures.

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