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Monday, 01 March 2021


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Leslie Susan Clingan

What a beautiful page. I haven't tried digital scrapbooking because I have so much invested in paper and supplies for paper scrapbooking. But I would think it would be delightful to scrapbook without all the scraps!! Precious baby. What a crazy year, huh?

Karen B Walker

That has to be one of the sweetest photos I've seen in a long, long time! I know you're counting the days until you can wrap your arms around that little one. How sweet that she's as anxious to talk to you as you are to her! Now that our Littles are getting bigger, they're not always as anxious to talk to us virtually as they once were.


Good to hear you're feeling in a more positive mood. Lovely clean and simple page too :) Can't believe you're messy haha xx


Definitely a sign of what has become this little ones normal way of connecting with Nana. Sweet photo, lovely layout.

Yeah to getting your first jab of the COVID vaccine - that has got to feel like a start to relief from the tightness of lockdowns, physical distancing & all the rest of what have become our normals.


What a great spread for a wonderful photo!
Love your turn of phrase - slide into Spring - fingers crossed. :)


Precious time-we make the best that we can during these crazy times!


What a lovely page - and how cute that she can 'chat' with nanny and grandad while she's in her cot!


I love the simplicity of your layout. Layering the journaling over the picture looks really good too! I read your journaling and think that's adorable!! All of my grands are full grown! These days, they make phone dates with me as their work schedules allow. Documenting your FaceTime calls with Maise is so special!

Melissa Gross

That is such a lovely photo & perfectly captures this crazy time we are still living in!

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