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Tuesday, 09 March 2021


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Being able to see your family soon is the best news & to give your Granddaughter an in person cuddle. Her hugging the ipad to send cuddles to you is so adorable.

I like your layout of the interesting & quirky finds on your walks.


I have so missed hugging people! How lovely that you can resume your childcare bubble very soon. :)

I love how that montage has come together - the rooster is so cheery and colourful. Sometimes it's good to look at the same things with a fresh outlook.

Karen B Walker

Our granddaughter in Wisconsin frequently gives the iPad a hug when we end our FaceTime call. When we see her again in early April it will have been seven months---long overdue, as well you know. I think your attention to details during your walks may be one of the good things that comes from the pandemic, and one that will stick with you.


Such a beautiful layout. I love how you're noticing the smaller details around you, that's always been my main joy in photography, to notice something you'd normally pass by and capture it. The tin rooster is my favourite, its fabulous!!! xx

Melissa Gross

Oh my, these are such fabulous finds! We're walking in our neighborhood each day & it is getting monotonous. At least in the fall there were Halloween decorations, then Fall decorations, then Christmas decorations on the lawns. :)

Hope you enjoy your family visit!!!


What interesting quirky finds, such a fun page!
I'm so pleased that you can meet up with your family face to face after all this time - thank goodness for childcare bubbles eh?! After so many weeks, there's a lot of cuddles to catch up on. Enjoy each and every one x

sheila 77

You've spotted all sort of fascinating things. I was going to say which ones I enjoyed most but on looking I liked them all.
Maybe I'll choose the tap on the wall and the gap in the wall but really I could choose any. How interesting that the gap is for animals to go through.
The fairy door is the entrance to a little someone's home? Did you knock? Fairy doors in woodlands were a thing at one time.
When we are out and about I'll be inspired by you to look closely around.


Well, I am late in getting round, so by now you've experienced an actual cuddle with your granddaughter and I'm sure there are few things in life that can rival that.

Well spotted on all those curiosities. I am afraid my camera roll definitely reflects too little of the outside world. But with the temps rising, and spring coming, there is hope on the horizon in that regard.


The little door in the ivy is the door to a "fairy cottage".

I have the little gargoyle in the picture (bottom row, right photo). His name is Dedo and apparently the "real" one lives on top of Notre Dame.

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