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Sunday, 10 January 2021


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Melissa Gross

Wow, it looks quite cold, but beautiful, there. We had snow today - yep, for real. It snowed for about an hour - we headed out for a walk immediately so as not to miss it. Another hour later & it was all gone & the rain has taken its place.

Those are great lessons from a tough year. I can relate to so many of them, especially five and six. So thankful for the blogging community & glad that my lack of self discipline somedays right now is ok. The important is taken care of & the rest will get taken care of ... eventually.


I like your style of clean & simple; I took miss Cathy Z's scrapping posts, but I at least have her 2 books to refer to. Both your January pages are beautiful in their clean lines & repeat theme.

I agree with your #8. These lockdown days are certainly a challenge to our beliefs. And yes I am also now living #6 as this pandemic has worn me down.


Your photo montage is fantastic!
You're list is a fun read and I may borrow the idea, if that's okay?


**Your list** - Oops!

Karen Walker

The monochromatic photos are simply beautiful---and what a lovely page they create! I'm happy to say there has not been much snow here, but your photos are inspiration to get out of the city once it arrives. As always, your writing is so thoughtful, and many of your learnings resonant with me.


What a beautiful page. I am inspired every time I see your pages and I also miss Cathy Z’s inspiration. Another idea I am adding to my future page plans. I absolutely agree that we must find ways to practice equity and sustainability. This has been on my mind a lot lately.


Wow such a beautiful page, love the monochrome style of your winter walks montage. Great list, fascinating to read :) xx


Monochrome is just how things are! I scrapped a little January field trip on grey and black paper and the photos didn't add much color. This makes us appreciate the colors of spring all the more.

I don't follow Cathy Z or even Stacy J anymore, I've come to scrapbook in the style I like - which changes and evolves and even changes back. I have been drifting more toward your style which I describe as magazine layout style. The clean neatness of it is calming - it is timeless.

Blog friends are the best - anytime I feel like I may have been too whiny, self-centered or emotional in a blog post I write - I am always met with empathy by my fellow bloggers. That has been proven time and again over the last 9 months. Social media is not the same safe environment and I find myself using it less and less.

I agree! Organising our world equitably sounds like a noble goal, but first we must get back to treating each and every person we come in contact with the utmost respect. Labeling and name calling has become second nature and has wrought lots of havoc with our society. I think we have to fix this problem one piece at a time, like a puzzle. And really, the only control most of us have, is over our own actions. Reminding myself often to try and set an example (and stop moaning.)


I love your scrapbooking style. I am very linear in my approach too. You won't find photos in a catywampus (sp?) way. I like the monochromatic layout. It almost looks like black and white photos. Also, I really like your "10 Things" post. I'm thinking that would make a great layout. Or maybe I'll try my hand at it for a blogpost of my own!

Leslie Susan Clingan

Thank you for the kind mention and for joining me for 10 on the 10th. Your post is lovely and inspirational. Sounds like you miss hugs as much as I. When I retired - reluctantly - I so missed the hugs and the connections I had with my students. Covid has made me feel that way again.
Your photos are just breathtaking. Partially because they are so frosty-looking! And haunting. And delicate. Just beautiful. Love the bridges, the little stream. Seeing you in all that splendor.
Glad to read your recommendations for podcasts to iron by. I never seem able to get the ironing finished. I go from mounds to mountains of wrinkled clothes.


We still have color in our yard ............unfortunately, it is mostly brown. I sure will enjoy seeing the green shoots popping up again in a couple of months.


I love those monochrome pages, they really show off the beauty in the cold start to the new year.
How interesting to learn ten new things from you! Like you, I can't remember going to the cash machine for months and months, swiping your debit or credit card now comes automatically even for the smallest of amounts.
It's so hard to go without seeing grandchildren isn't it? My daughter is in urgent need of childcare this afternoon - just for an hour but boy how I am looking forward to every one of those 60 minutes! I've even made a cake - with buttercream in the middle AND on top, just the way Leo likes it ;-)

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