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Saturday, 02 January 2021


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The snow pictures are so pretty!!!

Happy New Year to you and your family.


Using my friend's Insta account I've been following these posts. Such gorgeous photos.

Happy New Year Alexa to you & your family.

Leslie Susan Clingan

Hi there, are these electronic scrapbook pages? Lovely images and I like that you have journaled about them. I am a paper scrapbooker but I don't ever journal much more that date and place. Not sure anyone will ever look at my books anyway but probably should start identifying the occasion and the people in the pictures, just in case.

I don't have unfinished or yet-to-be completed projects in a cupboard but instead, in several rooms in the house. The biggest is a mosaic tabletop I started 7 years ago. This has to be the year to finish things or toss them.


I was going to ask the same question as Leslie, are these digital pages? They are so crisp and clear, your style is absolutely perfect!


Hello to Leslie and Deb, and thank-you so much for asking about the pages - yes, I design them in InDesign or Photosshop and make them into photobooks. The December Days has just gone off to be printed, so I hope to be able to show it in a few weeks :).

Melissa Gross

Yippee for getting this completed - it looks wonderful! Happy New Year!


There are lots of treasures in this post - like the baking story, the meeting with Mr. Claus and that ending quote. But what I will remember longest is friluftsliv! If I had known braving the cold weather had such a fanciful name, I would have been doing it more.

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