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Wednesday, 20 January 2021


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Karen Walker

Both your lovely still life photograph, and your thoughtful words reflect your artistry. I always think that your winters are milder than ours, but not this year. We woke up to a couple of inches of snow this morning, but it's been a very mild January thus far. A bitter cold front is headed our way, but I'll try not to complain too much! I think a sense of direction is all you need---it gives you much more flexibility when the world seems so uncertain.


I also like your still life photo. As always you have a way with thoughts & feelings to words. Be like water is wonderful advice.


That flat lay is perfectly styled! Hoping that you ride out the storm safely.


I really hope that you stay safe during the storm. My heart goes out to those people having to evacuate their homes, as if things aren't hard enough as it is.
You are so right, we need to have a destination in mind but be open to the ideas that there are more than one way to get there.
Keep safe x


We had a bunch of wind and rain come through here last week and I know a lot of people lost their power. It is worrisome when the ground is so wet and the trees begin to sway and fall. Today is the day I am actually going to put words on paper for my OLW project. And, I am contemplating a heat lamp for some seed propagating too.


We haven't had a lot of rain or snow (yet), but MAN, it has been COLD and windy.

Hope the floods don't do so much damage in your area.

Leslie Susan Clingan

I was reminded this week that it isn't the destination but the journey. That seems to kind of go along with what you are saying about there being multiple ways of getting where we are going. If Covid has taught us anything, it has been to be flexible and creative. Praying you stay warm and dry in the impending storm.


There's been some stunning videos and photos around here showing the floods. Thankfully, as I type this, the weather is much calmer. Like you, it hasn't stopped our daily walks. Another lovely page, beautifully designed. P xx


That's a beautiful photo. Or is it a scrapbook layout? Either way, it's great!


Be like water - that seems so appropriate for you. I am in awe of your walking habits (and a bit ashamed at the lack of mine.) But then water is constantly flowing isn't it.

sheila 77

Your words are beautifully written and describe a lovely way of being "like water".
Walking, sewing and mending, soup-making and sowing seeds all sound like a perfect way to spend time and live.
About a heated propagator, I've tried one many years ago but discovered the seedlings tended to turn leggy before they can be potted up. I'll be interested to read more if you get one as we are always wanting to sow earlier than the climate allows.

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