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Monday, 04 January 2021


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No reason why your "word" can't be a phrase.

I didn't pick a word or phrase this year. I am letting each day unfold as it will. I'm letting each day unfold without judgement.

Breath in, breathe out and just be --- be grateful, be hopeful, be thankful.


'Go with the flow' - I think that you've found the perfect word(s) for this year!


What a beautiful photo. I think you can do want ever you want with OLW or O L Phrase. Growth, Movement & Joy makes for a good flow of thought word & deed. As you know, I am wordless this year but I'm going with the flow of that.


I'm tempted to say go with the flow, but I think Deb got there before me!


I also think you can choose your word or words anyway that suits you. You found a lovely photo. Happy New Year.


Such a beautiful phrase to choose for the year and who knows, maybe there's a language out there which has a single word for your three :) Stunning photo as always (mind I'm partial to a winter scene) xx

Cheri Andrews

Happy New Year Alexa! It's been ages since I looked at blogs and just realized that I seriously miss your very calm way with words. I'm doing one little word again - although I know I don't NEED the class at this point to be able to do the work. 2020 my word was RISE. I'm continuing that journey in 2021 with SOAR. Wishing you a very happy, healthy, and prosperous year - and a resolution to your as yet unnamed mystery.

Leslie Susan Clingan

Sounds like your word or phrase of the year-WOTY/POTY-kind of found you. Or fell in your lap! Even more meaningful when that happens. Will look forward to following your journey this year. Hoping that your health issues are identified and remedied.


These are lovely three words together and beautifully illustrated with the photograph.
I agree, Twixtmas is a lovely time of year, we've always enjoyed it.

sheila 77

Just to let you know that I am the mysterious "S" above.
Blogger posted my comment before I was ready


I love that phrase. I have noticed the water flowing in the creeks recently and I am mesmerized by the sight and sound of the water after so much rain. I look forward to seeing where this takes you.

Karen Walker

What a wonderful phrase and sure to lead you down interesting paths in 2021, although paths is probably not the right analogy! Streams, perhaps? I love how serendipity works. I love when words, quotes, books, friends, show up at just the right time! Here's to a wonderful 2021. Looking fragile in some respects, but I'm feeling a bit more confident after the Congress came together last night after the terrible assault on the Capitol. Just waiting out the days until January 20th. (I've tried twice to leave a comment on your previous post. Although I can "register" my name and email, no comment box appears.)

Melissa Gross

Oh, I love that ... be like water! Looking forward to how it shapes your year ahead!

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