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Friday, 13 November 2020


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You take such gorgeous photos Alexa - they are fabulous!
What a lovely book that you received from Lizzie, and what a good idea, I am sure you will enjoy filling up those pockets!

Karen Walker

I took an unexpected break from Instagram, and thus missed two of the gorgeous photos above. Years ago, I used paper bags to make some fun little albums. One was for my daughter--I'm wondering if she still has it, and what kind of shape it's in. Next time I see her, I'll ask about it. Mine certainly did not have the beautiful cover yours does. Like you, I'm hoping for more civility, respect, and kindness in the months ahead, but I fear there is a very bumpy road in front of us.

sheila 77

What a lovely challenge, Alexa. I can relate to all of these.
Nice to see you at your front door and that looks like a delightful walk.
Good to find you on Instagram too.


Its fun seeing the photos you are posting on instagram, a great way to occupy yourself in November's lockdown. Im looking forward to seeing what you share for the rest of the prompts :) x

barbara eads

I love your pictures. They are really beautiful in their simplicity!


What a clever idea for a book - Lizzie is very talented. :)


Umm brown paper bags what an interesting way to create to a scrapbook. I also hope for a return to civil conversations & less everyone taking offense at everything said. Lockdown 3.0 - already preparing for it.

Leslie Susan Clingan

I am so sorry our hashtag didn't work for the photo challenge. Made it hard to know who was participating. Have just come from your Instagram page. OH MY GRAVY, what an eye you have, my new friend. Great captures.

Here's to a kinder, gentler world. Forever and ever, amen.
And to preparing for lockdown 3.0 while being in the midst of this second bout of Covid. Exhausting. But I think we are all keeping an eye on our stock piles of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and ground beef this time around.

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