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Thursday, 15 October 2020


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I could see it all just as you describe it.

Karen Walker

You capture these moment so beautifully!


Beautiful writing as always and I can completely empathise with the Mac problems and Disk utility start ups etc having gone down that frustrating route myself. Love the photo of your Japanese Maple. I love seeing red leaves in autumn xx


Oh I always enjoyed your Simply A Moment posts ... it was in the days before I myself blogged. It reminds us to just take a moment. Thanks for bringing this back.


Well it seems as if using a different browser was what was needed to comment, how strange!
We had some good blog memes back in the day didn't we? I always enjoyed 'simply a moment' and it is lovely to read this moment in time that you have shared.You have such a lovely way with words.

barbara eads

Wow! That's quite a moment!!

Melissa Gross

So beautifully written - a moment captured that reflect life in these times.


"time for something comforting and warm" That is exactly what you have provided here with your smooth cozy narrative, even as you describe it starting to rain. Thanks for encouraging us to stop, contemplate and record. I think that will be comforting and warm as well. Bless you.

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