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Saturday, 03 October 2020


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Another splendid recording of your days.

I believe the Danish Hygge movement is certainly helping us learn about comfort & how to make it for ourselves, which is going to be oh so important this coming winter. Maybe comfort fights against the badge of honour so many of us thinks makes us worthy, "I'm so busy". Maybe busy-ness is the foe of comfort. Since my OLW this year is Nourishing, I liked your final thoughts about comfort & trying to find it's meaning for ourselves.

Karen Walker

I'm thinking comfort is a word to keep in the forefront of our minds for the next few months. The numbers here are getting bad so many places. Wearing a mask has become such a political issue, and even the President's illness seems not to sway opinions about them. Luckily, our county's numbers have remained low despite the opening of schools, although enrollment is down almost everywhere as people are opting for remote learning. As always, I enjoy your photos and your commentary!


Somehow comfort is associated with old ... I'm with the Danes and their idea of hygge. :)

The continuing rising numbers are truly worrying - and I don't trust the government's daily figures at all.


Maybe it is my age ...... I have no beef with the word comfort, especially in these crazy times. We need to look for non-stress as much as we can.


In these times, I think we are learning new concepts of comfort, and in the end, many will be better off for it.

I so enjoy reading your daily entries, and the layout is very "comfortable" as well.

Barbara Eads

Whatever the definition of comfort, I'm pretty sure my covid wardrobe qualifies! I keep saying that when this is all over, I'm going to throw away those clothes!! Love your layout and the journaling--which is my favorite part of any layout!

sheila 77

Hello Alexa, Your diary is absolutely fascinating. You seem do do so much. Washing all the windows in one morning! - and clearing the gutters!
I've read all the Terry Pratchetts except for the few last ones and enjoyed them thoroughly. We still have them all, ready for re-reading one day.
I liked the nice bit of Latin - what a shame they don't do it at school now. It was a sort of logical Sudoku kind of language.
Warm socks in the house in the last week - yes.
Let's settle down to a nice bit of comfort, what a lovely idea.
And I'm still covered in admiration of your beautiful, arty and detailed journal diary.

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