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Monday, 14 September 2020


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Very pretty colours, soothing. It's good that we have forms of escaping through our art. I daily take a trip or two with my imagination as guide although I'm still using reading as my prime method of travel.


What a lovely painting, it has the feel of the seedpods of the honesty plant. I can imagine that design screen printed onto fabric. What a talent you have!

Karen Walker

It's beautiful! Love the colors you chose. Card making is an escape for me, for sure. It's been nice this last week or so to have had the news on the back burner. I have a pack of Yupo paper that I purchased for alcohol inks, but am glad to know there are other mediums that also work well.


I see a LOT of people taking up painting.

Your flowers are so sweet --- a good escape from the not-so-sweet world as it is right now.


What a lovely, restful painting - it's really pleasing to the eye. :)

Kathy Aylward

Hi Alexa....I posted this in reply to your comment on my latest Birthday blog however I thought I would post it here too in case you don't get to read it.

Thanks Alexa your comments and advice is always greatly appreciated. Last night I looked up an old blog post when the kids and I first made pasta. We made the pasta in 2012 however I posted the photos in April 2013 and you had posted a lovely comment so I was only thinking of you last night. Thanks for the Birthday wishes.

Hope you and your family are keeping well in this strange 2020 times...I know everyone will be glad to see the back of 2020 however I think 2021 will be more of 2020 with restrictions and in and out of lockdowns. Thankfully we are in Queensland where things are good. Have a good week. Kathy xx

Melissa Gross

What a lovely painting & way to escape all that's going on in the world these days!

I still find lots of escapism in books (70+ this year), but alternate that with escaping into my craft room for scrapbooking or collaging or art journaling.

sheila 77

This is an absolutely beautiful painting, so well done. Great colours and I love the striped tablecloth and vase. Yes, imaginary flowers are great to paint and just right as they are.
Thanks for the link to Sandrine Pelissier's website which looks very interesting.

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