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Wednesday, 23 September 2020


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Karen Walker

So sorry you've been feeling poorly! But you've maintained a pretty active schedule despite it! Another quote worth saving on 9.8 "Women Rowing North" has been on my Unread Shelf for over a year. Need to put it in the queue. Nothing better than being by the sea with little ones! Hope you were feeling much better by the time you got there. I so enjoy these posts!


I agree it felt as though summer just passed us by. While thankful for the cooler temperatures, I still feel wanting. We need to put more effort into capturing the autumn season by more than waiting. I hope you finally get over what has been ailing you; it is no fun to be feeling below par when (normally) there is so much to do. I see that my library has that book available for download; I might need the advice for when I eventually get old too. ;-)


So sorry to hear that you've had a long spell of feeling unwell, I hope that last batch of antibiotics did the trick. We stayed near Burnham Market for a few days last year, it was a lovely place to have as a base, so much to see in that area.
I really think that we have seen the last of the warm sunny days for now, Autumn is definitely on its way!


Long walks in the country with burbling streams sounds heavenly. We've been for a few walks in the White Peak which have been great for the soul as well as great exercise. There was a moment where we both stopped still, stopped talking and could hear nothing. Only lasted a couple of minutes but it was extraordinary. A cow broke the silence in the end. Sorry to hear you've been ill. Hope you're on the mend soon. Hugs P xxxxx


Let's hope that your antibiotics do the treat & banish that malady, quickly. I really like your page blends of quotes, photos & journaling. I really like the photo of your granddaughter exploring the joys of sand, sea & fresh air - oh the adventures to be had.

Melissa Gross

It does seem like summer rushed by this year, despite being home & not traveling as much. Fall weather here is lovely - still warm, but not too hot for nice walks in the neighborhood.

sheila 77

Yes, it's hard to believe it is Autumn although woolly jumpers, hand-knitted scarves and socks remind us that it is here. And that's good too.
I am always full of admiration for your absolutely perfect art calendar. I've read every entry and admired each picture, so perfectly positioned and aligned.
It's a lovely description of the walk along the reservoir and here too the rowans are heavy with berries which the birds have not touched yet.
I wonder where your half-dead plants came from? - I've got a suspicion I might know.
Good idea to include the weather in each day, which keeps the memory of that day.
The Repair Shop on TV sounds interesting - I've read a bit about it, so will have a look.
Thanks for sharing your fascinating calendar with us, I enjoyed reading it a lot.
I hope you are feeling better.
Love from Sheila

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