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Tuesday, 08 September 2020


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What a lovely way to journal your days, I do like this idea!
I do like that phrase 'selective ignorance' - there's a fine line between keeping up to date with the news and causing yourself anxiety. I do sometimes feel the need to not listen to every news bulletin as it is not always good for me. I feel much better on days when I am out in the fresh air or spending time with the family. We are doing what we know to be right to keep ourselves safe, and that is the important bit. I don't particularly like wearing a mask but it's a bit like wearing a seat belt in your car, it may be a bit uncomfortable but it is keeping me and other people safe so where's the point in refusing to do it?
Lovely to see your blog pop up as updated, I'm so pleased you and your family are keeping well.


Sounds like you are coping really well and lovely to see that you've found some motivation to record your honest feelings for this strangest of years. I think it's a common story, to have good days and bad. Loved what you wrote about doomscrolling. I stopped reading the news when we first went into lockdown, just took a glance once a day at the headlines to see if there was anything I needed to keep abreast of. Hope your cold eases off soon. Sending hugs. P xxxxx


Lovely to see you pop up in my Reader - your early September pages are beautiful. I agree with Deb's comment about the wearing of a mask when out and about - I'm fed up of seeing people not wearing one or wearing it incorrectly.
'Selective ignorance', I've been practicing that for a good few months.

Melissa Gross

What a lovely page & so wonderful to "see" you here & finding some inspiration to scrapbook! It's been quite up and down around here all year. We've had quite a few visitors over the past three months (once due to Hurricane Laura hitting the Gulf coast), but we haven't been out at all. Robbie's been working from home since mid-March & will probably be so until at least the end of the year. Schools are starting back here, so I'm anticipating another increase in coronavirus cases. Plus, we're in the midst of the presidential elections.

I can definitely relate to that word "doomscrolling." I've made a conscious effort not to get caught up in the news lately. I scroll headlines quickly once a day, but otherwise just enjoy our life here at home & stay connected with others online.

Hope your cold is all better & that you continue to feel inspired in the coming days & months! :)

Karen Walker

Your pages are so lovely, and your journaling spot on. It makes me want to start some kind of visual recording again, having taken over a year off from scrapbooking. I could only see the top half of the layout clearly. The internet at this lake cottage is spotty at best. Once we're back in Racine, I'll stop by again after seeing/reading it all. I love the Johnson quote and put it in my Notes. I've sworn off doomscrolling until after the election here. It's such a frightening time, and I'm fearful that no matter the results, we'll continue to have divisiveness and violence here. It's a scary time. (Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog. I appreciate every one of them.)


Your layout pages are beautiful. It will be nice to look back on them in years to come and remember this crazy, wacked-out year.

sheila 77

You make such a wonderful journal with the perfect words and photographs.
I can't quite imagine how you do it. Do you download the Digital Planner page and fill it in with a Photo-editing program? - that must be the way I think. It is quite perfect with the words and photos.
Yes, I have a Heuchera called "Marmalade" too and it is the colour of marmalade most of the time. I also sympathise with "Doomscrolling", I know exactly what you mean.
I've seen an advert for "Escape to the Chateau" and have marked it for further investigation, it looks rather good.
Thanks for sharing your life in such a lovely way.
And thanks for visiting Orange Esmeralda. It was nice to see you again.


I would like to find the Heuchera named Marmalade brilliant colour & name. I've recently discovered that they are such a well behaved plant in the garden & such varieties in colour.

Thanks for that new word to add to my COVID dictionary - doomscrolling. I think many of us have or are still caught up in that cycle. It's hard not knowing ...

WOW your granddaughter is already 13 months old - the time is flying by. Your layout for recording August is quite nice, a blend of factors, quotes & photos.

I believe mask wearing will be with us for quite some time & I think even after this pandemic of COVID-19, society as a whole will see that mask wearing cuts or slows the spread of colds & flu.


So glad to be catching up with you again. I hope your cold is gone for good and the malaise has passed. I've not been having any luck trying to do things on a regular basis - my 100 days Bible Study just sits here glaring back at me - barely started. But I have finally been able to concentrate and do a lot more reading, so I take that as a good sign. And Christmas cards have been started.

Your basket of ironing comment made me smile, I was just thinking last week that maybe I should tackle mine for the first time in 6 months. Not that much has been added to it during the whole lock-down as we've just not needed any of it. Except for what was tossed on top, some new dinner napkins I think they will need ironing the first few times. Also I was reminded that I have dry-cleaning from 3 months ago that needs to be picked up. I would rather like a day out of running errands.

Let's hope that September means more freedom, even if in baby steps.

Karen Walker

Back again after having had the opportunity to closely examine your lovely pages. I love the art work you purchased for M's first Holy Communion. The distinction made between hope and optimism is one to remember. I hope your cold has gone its way by now. These pages do inspire me to consider how to get back to recording special moments of our lives.

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