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Sunday, 19 April 2020


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How lovely that you have three generations under your roof - sharing those extra moments with little miss is a huge compensation for having to be in quarantine! Those of us with countryside on our doorstep are so very fortunate aren't we? And warm sunny days are an extra bonus too. Keep well x


How lovely for you to have some of your family come stay with you. Your photo collage captures some lovely family moments out in the beautiful countryside.

Karen Walker

My greatest sadness during this pandemic is being separated from my family---even though some of them are just a mile or so away! What a comfort it must be to have some of yours with you. And what a rewarding way to get your exercise! As always, your photos tell a wonderful story of your month so far.


Thank you for stopping by my blog. It is so nice to "meet" you.

Melissa Gross

I'm so glad to read you are all well!! It sounds like your days are full & that y'all are getting lots of fresh air.

I agree, it would be nice to be able to just put the groceries up quickly! We haven't had any trouble getting things we need (& lots that we want), so that's a blessing!

Melissa Gross

P.S. It seems I don't have a good email address for you anymore!? Would you mind sending me an email so I can get you back in my address book. Thanks! :)

I wanted to respond to your comment "I myself notice that I don't like it when people are on the edge of the six feet limit - further away feels better!" ... I agree, it feels so much safe when everyone's over there...way over there.


I'm smiling about the six feet limit comment - here, it's the joggers who drive me mad, especially the ones who come up behind you and then practically brush your shoulder as they go past! Earlier today, I actually shouted, "Two metres, you idiot!" at the back of the jogger who'd almost collided with me.

I can see that multi-generational living has its pros and cons. I'm sure that your daughter is eternally grateful for all your help and support.

Putting away the groceries seems to take as long as the process of going to the supermarket to buy them!

Sharon Fritchman

I absolutely love your snapshot of life right now. It looks so beautiful and serene. What I miss the most is visiting my friends and family, especially on Easter! So happy that you are un-quarantined . . . we have not been yet, but hopefully soon.

Sharon Fritchman

Continue to stay safe and healthy!!! HUGS and thanks for your visit to my blog!


Hi Sharon! Lovely to see you and thank-you for visiting :). We are all still under lockdown here - we went into voluntary quarantine as a household (no going out at all anywhere, not even shopping) for fifteen days when our younger generations came to stay. I think we will all be glad to have a bit more freedom of movement, whenever it is that it comes!


These times are definitely ones that support that old adage - the more the merrier. Glad the official quarantine is behind you, although the un-quarantine is no where no normal. But we are grateful for every little bit of freedom we can find, aren't we. Stay well, all that exercise is good for all of you!


Having a little one for company during quarantine must be keeping you quite busy and making the days fly by! And now that you can get outside - it looks like the kind of life I could dream of having... mine is spent largely trying to network and meet people to build up a fledgling business that hasn't managed to earn a dime yet!

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