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Sunday, 22 March 2020


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What a fabulous photo - and an absolutely perfect post for remembering all the mums on Mother's Day.


That is a great image! I'd be tempted to frame it in a large size - a minimum of A4 at the least.


WOW that is quite an interesting photo you have taken. Lovely captions below it, as always your words bring it all together. Although this side of the pond Mothering Sunday isn't technically our Mother's Day (that's in May) but being that our church, with primarily a British congregation, always celebrated the day with Simnel Cake, alas this year we weren't able to be together.

Karen Walker

What an amazing photo! It's truly a treasure, and a bright spot in a very dreary, cold day in western New York. We awoke to a light coating of snow. I am more than ready for sunshine and spring flowers!!! Thanks for the ray of sunshine here.


Wow what a lovely story for Mother's Day. Only just seen it I'm afraid. Love the photo, very clever, especially how you've captured the three generations in a very unique way xx

Honore Francois

Truly wonderful Alexa! How did you ever do that? I agree with another commenter: for sure make larger and hang on the wall. A llovelytribute to your mum. Thank you for sharing.

Kathy Aylward

WOW that photo is amazing............I hope you are keeping safe. I've replied to your questions about the flour in my comments on the post so pop back and take a look and let me know if you have any other questions. Stay safe. Regards Kathy, Brisbane, Australia


That is simply wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us. You've got me thinking about my own Mom now, thanks for that too.

Melissa Gross

This is absolutely lovely!! It does seem like that was a "long-ago-and-faraway world" now as we're all staying in!


What a lovely photo, Alexa, and your words are so fitting. You couldn't have chosen a more beautiful photo with it's rainbow colours and positive connection. Belated happy mothers day to you x

Sharon Fritchman

Warmest wishes to you, too. What a beautiful work of art you have posted.

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