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Sunday, 08 March 2020


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You are so talented Alexa! That is absolutely beautiful and I bet you thoroughly enjoyed your creative time painting it.


WOW that pear looks good enough to take a nibble of. What a wonderful gift from your daughter to pair perfectly with your gifts & talents.

Karen Walker

I love watercolors, but struggle sometimes even using stamped images. Your work is simply gorgeous! The composition is perfect as is your technique. Looking forward to MUCH MORE!


You are very talented - that's a beautiful card!


Beautiful Alexa! You are Karen are definitely giving me the itch to play with watercolors!

Melissa Gross

WOW - fantastic job Karen! Looking forward to seeing more creative watercoloring from you!


Wow that is beautiful, I love the look of watercolours, and yes it is very addictive and fun to sit down with paints and just play :) Looking forward to seeing more xx

Susan Bowers

So fantastic Alexa! You are a natural artist! So beautiful.

Melissa Gross

LOL Alexa - I catch up on a ton of blog reading yesterday ... can you tell! I was leaving comments for everyone, even Karen. I'm on the computer today & had to jump back on and say how I love that your blog header mirrors the colors in your painting!! :) Did you just change it ... or have I just not been paying attention? :|


That is so pretty. The joy you are expressing in water-coloring certainly translated to that card.


I'm so sure that I commented on this post before, but I can't see it and that's not to matter, because it deserves another recognition anyway. I would love to be more comfortable and skilled with water colour, it is such a lovely medium to use. I went on a workshop last year where we used water colour and in my enthusiasm I bought more books with intent of practicing. Mmmmm… I wonder why I still lack the skill? LOL

Sharon Fritchman

Your water-colored card is absolutely beautiful!


Beautiful job! These watercolours are so pretty. I need to try this!

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