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Monday, 20 January 2020


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Hi Alexa my word this year is Heal. I've spent the last 2 years trying to be mindful and not doing too well. After another year of, quite frankly, pretty awful mental health and still battling I might add, I am trying heal for size. I do love vitality for you. I'm imagining you doing your exercises but when I first read it I thought you were doing something amazing in your microwave!!!!! Silly me.
I love your pages, all that beautiful green and leaves. Wreathes are so lush. I am looking forward to following your progress and seeing how you micro-manage your micro-exercises lol
Jo xxx

Cheri Andrews

Vitality is a great word for you - love the definitions. And I do believe you will dance circles around the floor with this one! :)


Beautiful pages to reflect such a positive OLW for you. Giving up tea! Now that is a major change.

My OLW & I are not connecting enough, yet.


Vitality is such a great word for you! Re the tea thing - have you tried decaf? I'm a convert.


Good choice - and I love the way you intend to invite vitality into your life this year. I like the idea of micro-exercises throughout the day and am sure that when added together, they will equal far more than would have been done in one gym session!

Karen Walker

Vitality is a wonderful word! I love that it has that "tingly" factor, and has inspired you to set some lofty intentions. I hope it turns out to be a great fit!

Melissa Gross

What a great word! I'm still contemplating how I want my word to work in my life this year. I've chosen HEALTH, but somehow I'm not totally engaging with it yet.


Gorgeous pages Alexa!


That is a good choice. I like that last quote although at my age, I don't want to start "over", but I am happy to start "anew." And I like the synonyms verve and zing! Hope you experience it all in 2020.

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