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Tuesday, 28 January 2020


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All those 'little' things add up by the end of the day! 16,000 steps is fantastic - that definitely isn't a micro-exercise!


Wonderful recap of how you & your OLW are becoming constant companions. I read the book Atomic Habits & he advocates for small changes daily, improving 1% is what he says we should try for to make lasting changes. Very nice layout & photos. Great idea about your laptop heighten table.

My OLW & I are not bonding as I had hoped, but I still have, if you count today, 3 days left in January to make even a micro change!


I love that you're finding small moments to move your body -- I particularly like the image of you dancing around while the kettle is on the boil!


Now I have to ask, What is door sliding? Please don't tell me I'm the only one looking a bit silly. I'm loving the planking, I saw an article about that in one of the magazines I get which suggested beginning at 30 seconds and building up. It was apparently one of the best all round exercise fore your core. I'm very much not living my word. Not much healing happening in my house, or it doesn't feel like it anyway. It kind of feels like even though I make one step forwards, another big gaping hole opens in front of me. I'm glad your word is working well for you and I do so love your laptop box, very trendy and super DIY cheap xxx

Karen Walker

You may be doing micro-exercises in the house, but your walking regime is very impressive. I'm so afraid of falling, that I stay off the unplowed, often un-shoveled sidewalks near here. Walking in the woods requires a significant drive, so I can always find an excuse not to get in the car. I do get to the gym three days a week, but my doctor made it VERY clear that my time on the bike there is not sufficient. Great job, and toast to your consistency!


I love that you are keeping up with your word and using it to gently seep into your life and decisions. Nick & I are determined to do more walking in the Peak this year. I have a long list of all the walks we normally do or have done and I'm determined to walk every one of them at least once in 2020, including Kinder Scout lol. Another beautiful page to accompany your journalling and a lovely flatlay photo. I've lived with my word for a month and its lead me to another word which I think will suit me better for the rest of the year. A revision rather than a complete overhaul lol. P xx


I love your question of what would a person with vitality do! And, small steps (or lots of them!!) add up to something bigger! I am constantly grateful I live in a house with stairs - so I am going up and down stairs all day long. It is a very good thing!


that's a good word for the year. I try and go out for a walk each day and if it's raining I'll do an aerobics video. I have let it slip recently so must get back to it.


Vitality! What a fun word! And it's perfect for you! I also love your "standing" desk - such ingenuity! I have one from IKEA and trust me, it wasn't all that easy to assemble tho' I've had for 3-4 years...it's such that I can raise to stand or lower to sit...

So delighted that you're joining OLW 2020!


It sounds as though you and your word are already great pals!

sheila 77

I like the idea of dancing while the kettle boils. I might use this when the carrots are just about ready rather than leaving the room for "just a minute" and coming back later to burnt carrots.
We've got the "The Green Roasting Tin" too and I recommend Page 142. We did it the second time with blue Brie rather than the halloumi which can go rubbery very quickly and left out the spinach.


I've started with Pilates classes in this new year - only 2 a week and I need to be doing more on my own at home. I am progressing with the Plank but the side plank totally throws me off. I am feeling the most benefit from the balance enhancing exercises. Use it or lose it I keep telling myself!

Melissa Gross

"Micro-exercises" - I love it!! Sounds like you and your word are getting along quite nicely so far. I like the idea of asking yourself what someone with vitality would do. I need to start doing that with my word (HEALTH)!


I love the idea of "micro exercises"! These days I count dog walking as exercise as she is very busy and on a mission wherever we go. Love your layout for this month too, great photos!! My word is "complete"!

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