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Wednesday, 08 January 2020


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How can we possibly be in the second week of the new year already? What lovely photos capturing the end of the year and the traditions of Christmas. I think that we in the South are being spoilt with such mild weather at the moment - I keep wondering when the cold is going to come!

Karen Walker

I can't think of a better reason to put something on the back burner than to have family in the house! I always enjoy seeing your spreads---thoughtful words and lovely photos!


Your pages so beautifully capture the everyday of December - I love it! I'm definitely in a "go slowly" mode at the moment, so I can appreciate the quote. I actually need to slow down a bit more. Finally heard from the outplacement service and I went into hyper-drive today trying to get through some of the preliminaries. But as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day... neither will my next position be. I have read "Rising Strong" when it first came out, but didn't save the book - it wasn't a favorite from Brene. But it may be that the timing was wrong and the message will resonate more now when I need it, so I added the title to my Audible books to listen to. Thanks for reminding me. :)


Lovely recap of that part of December. I think that many seem to be allergic to the present moment for they are leaping to the "next thing, the next moment".


What a lovely recap - I agree with Deb that those of us who live in the South East can forget about how awful the weather is in the rest of the country.
Go slowly is not a bad phrase to live by, I'm thinking.
Happy New Year!


Beautiful pages and I adore the citrus tree decorations, an idea I may squirrel away for the next time. Loving the idea of living more slowly. P xx

sheila 77

How lovely and refreshing to see and read your beautiful neat journal, a million miles away from my "messy pages".
We discuss having different ornaments on the tree too and always decide the ones we have are best. Sometimes we add a new one, sometimes we are given a new one.
I also love an empty drawer too. I read that one should always keep an empty drawer(?!).
Happy New Year! Have a great 2020.

Melissa Gross

Both these spreads turned out lovely!

I'm signed up for OLW this year as well & am taking the slow route to the January prompts and setting some intentions and goals for the year...February will be soon enough to actually get started with them, right. :)


Oh, I can totally relate to that passage by Anat Baniel. In fact, it relates to the fact that I purposefully let your posts build up in my reader lately while doing quick hits to catch up on other blogs. Your way with words (and a camera) always makes me want to drink them in slowly, so I saved them for an evening when I can take my time and enjoy several in a row. The December review posts are just as delightful in mid-February, Alexa.

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