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Sunday, 26 January 2020


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Karen Walker

It's a wonderful photo, and so lucky that you saw it before it disappeared. I actually have a whole layout based on a totally blurry photo taken many years ago at a Christmas dinner. I chuckle when I see it, but the story wouldn't have been any good without the blurry photo.

Cheri Andrews

I love how you made the "blurry" an actual part of the story Alexa! Yes, those early months (for me it was the twins entire first year) are a huge blur!


Yes I admit I delete the blurry ones too but then I don't take an abundance of photos. However I do live with someone who is constantly clicking away and has a folder of 1000s which he finds overwhelming at times to sift through. Like you, I prefer the ones which help tell a story. Lovely page with beautiful words. x


What a clever way to use a partly blurry photo - and how that photo has captured the look of pure love on your daughter's face.


A wonderful photo matched with a lovely layout & story. Oh Alexa you are the most amazing story teller. You have a gift for rooting them out especially this one in that pause.

I have several photos that a favourite Auntie would take of the family events & she would always cut of the heads (in the photo only) of the prime adult in the photo. I know what to do with all those photos ... there's a story in them.


That is so lovely ... our word for 2020 is pause ... perfect before hitting the delete button!


There's your story - the auntie who cut people's heads off ... you already have the photographic evidence.


That's a splendid story - and deserves writing up for posterity (even if only on the back of one of the photos ...).


The photo is wonderful...as Deb says: the look on your daughter's face is priceless! I can just hear the little one asking quesitons about this photo when she gets older...

Missus Wookie

Oh that is a lovely photo of her delight. Yes the baby is blurry, but so often they're the focus.

Pause is something I'm trying to do - ready for this year's OLW.


What a sweet page about your girl! And yes, I've scrapped various blurry photos where it added to the action of the story or by default put the focus on something else. I am still too slow to cull and edit photos, but that is something I hope to get better at this year, along with taking more snaps in the first place.

Melissa Gross

Oh Alexa, it's a fabulously sweet photo!

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