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Monday, 09 December 2019


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Missus Wookie

Oh this looks lovely - I don't let google trawl my photos either for similar reasons.

I do like that you create the book to your own specifications. More pages can always be filled with photos, or removed. Harder to fit more in without dismantling.


A lovely recap of the first days of December. Oh your poor daughter & granddaughter not getting the sleep they need. It is hard to combat anything when you are tired. I'm sure just having you there is a big help - right now it's tidings of comfort, the joy will come.


It is such a hard thing when littles are not well - it makes everyone else feel so helpless. I hope soon that the worries are over and everyone is sleeping like a baby.

I am off to see what settings need to be changed to keep Google from "trawling."

Karen Walker

My Christmas Journals are among my favorite scrapbooks. I have mixed feelings about having given them up a year or two ago, but I think it was probably a good decision. Yours (as always) are lovely; both the photos and the words! Several years ago (or is it more than several now?) when I discovered your blog, it was your eye for design that so impressed me. It still does!


These are wonderful - so lovely to look at (and to catch glimpses of the newest grandchild!).


What wonderful pages - you really do have a way with words.
Oh those sleepless nights, they seem to go on forever don't they - let's hope they start to get a bit more sleep soon.

Melissa Gross

This is such a lovely start to your December Days book! I've been missing scrapbooking lately & plan to complete lots of in-progress projects in 2020!

Sue Triggs-Rhuda

I love this idea! I love that it’s bound and all the white space and that you have incorporated more than one “day” on a page. I need to get started on mine as I’m woefully behind... again! Can’t wait to see more. Happy December.

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