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Tuesday, 17 December 2019


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Hope the Christmas pud turns out okay! And also hope you haven't suffered any more flooding.

Missus Wookie

Oops on the cost of postage and flooding. We used to try and send packages very early to get surface mail (or it used to be 'printed matter') which couldn't have a letter in but we sent that separately.

The fruit Wookie & Princess used to make puddings this weekend had been soaking for years, I'm not certain we've emptied the big jar completely since the meeting house. See - delegation works :)


Delegation - that should be the word that we all use over the festive period. All too often I realise that my 'to do' list is much longer than anyone else's! Will be interesting to see how that pudding turns out - a week of soaking? It's going to be so moist so I'm sure it will be delicious.


Ah now the Mother discovered a cunning way of getting alcoholic fruit without having to steep it herself. You buy it from Lidls. Or in actuality you get me to buy it for you in Lidls. Yep, they have bags, just like a normal bag of dried fruit you get, but already in alcohol. Clever. Do I spy a little Lizzie book there in your picture. You've got to have at least 1 or 2 of those to hand, haven't you?
I haven't been able to send cards at all as I'm so poor I haven't got any money until Monday when I go present shopping and might then send cards. Is there any point or shall I just message peeps on Facebook? What a nightmare.
Jo xxx


I agree with the rule about the male gardeners in our lives do not cut, trim without us present. Hopefully Mother Nature will be kinder & ease back on the rain! I've had to cut back on the overseas cards this year - SO costly to mail. I make my Christmas cake on Stir Up Sunday, thankfully my fruits only need soak overnight.

Karen Walker

I can totally relate to the pruning problems. We've had those "discussions" for years. Now that Matt has his own landscaping business (and professional trimming experience) we've pretty much agreed we'll let him take care of it---to my great satisfaction. Pudding seem to be an English/Canadian tradition. We make LOTS of cookies, but I don't know anyone here who makes pudding. How lovely to have everyone there for nearly a week! We've been on our own Christmas morning for several years, and have adjusted pretty well to it. We celebrate with our son before Christmas (although we see him and his family on Christmas evening). We'll leave for Wisconsin the day after Christmas to celebrate with our daughter and her family.

Sue Triggs-Rhuda

Oh gosh the tree “discussions” who can’t relate to that! And I have banned my hubby from trimming anything unless I’m consulted! Am interested to know did you pre_print your pages ahead of time or you’re doing it each day ? Have never worked w a coil bound book before. Hang in there!

sheila 77

Ah, the man with the cutting tools, hmmmmm.
Interesting about sending presents, I always send books whenever possible. Less stress in choosing the presents.
You do beautiful journal entries, I enjoy them a lot, beautiful words and beautiful illustrations.
Happy Christmas when it comes, and enjoy your day together, and Happy the rest of the Season too.

Kathy Aylward

I love the spiral bound photo book and your pages and words are lovely. There is nothing better then telling the story that goes along with the photos. If we are showing someone photos we can tell the story however if in years to come we are no longer here generations can read the stories of the past. Documenting our lives is so important and such a treasure for families. Such a nice thing to have a group of like minded women to craft with too. Thanks for your lovely comments and wishes and forever stopping in my blog to read about what we are up to over the other side of the world....my kids were so little when you started reading and now they are bigger...time sure does fly. Thanks again for your kind words. Enjoy your family Christmas. Regards Kathy, Brisbane, Australia

Carola Bartz

Those pages look awesome, I have to say! Wow! The flooding looks horrible though - hard to deal with I imagine. My husband fortunately never prunes without my advice because he doesn't know much about gardening and I at least know a little bit more. Enjoy those oils!


Hi Alexa! Hoping your Christmas was wonderful and that you have a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2020!


Well, I hope your Christmas is all you wanted it to be. I am impressed with your 10,000 steps. The flavored oils look wonderful, what possibilities those will hold. We are lucky in the USA as books/CDs/DVD/bluray, etc. are posted/shipped at a much cheaper rate. The lower rates are why Amazon was able to be so successful 20+ years ago with books by mail. The rate is called Media Mail - the only downside is that it is a longer delivery timeframe. So unless you are ready to mail in early December it is not much help. Books are a big part of our Christmas shopping too, but luckily we are still mostly gathered together to gift them.

PS Thanks for the lovely card and happy new year to you and yours.

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