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Tuesday, 02 July 2019


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What fabulous finds. That's the most amusing 'single and pretty' capture I have seen! The hidden church is amazing and so fascinating to be the stuff of local legends.

Karen Walker

Beautiful photographs and a wonderful commentary! So glad you've joined in the SPSH!


Alexa so glad to have you joining in with the search for SPSH. The photo of the ruins of the church is amazing, I would want that enlarged on canvas for our sitting room, a calendar at the very least. Like the tale of the witch's wooden leg, I don't like that she was buried alive. I laughed out loud at your single & pretty lady - she truly is the most unique find for that item! The huge, the very large, the hideous but necessary large wind turbines in our area call the blades "sails" I think it was a push to try to soften their ugliness into something nice such as your first photo.


Looks like a wonderful trip Alexa! Loved your single and pretty lady! Too funny!


Lovely snapshots. Two of these are not like the rest!?! ;-) I have yet to start on the hunt, I'd better get with it.


What fabulous finds! I love that windmill!

tanza erlambang

lovely windmill...always exciting me...
all photos are great.

sheila 77

What lovely fresh photographs of the windmill and so much blue sky and the greenery of nature. The words that you wrote are beautiful too.
I like "Single and Pretty", of course she is.
Thanks for the really nice comment on my blog and I hope you come for a visit another time.

tanza erlambang

just stop by to say hello

Honore Francois

Hello! I so enjoyed your Photo Hunt ...amazing what one can find!
On a different note: waiting for news of arrivals of the wee ones! Sending best wishes to all!

Melissa Gross

Oh, what wonderful finds and a peek at the Norfolk Broads! Your photos make me want a trip to the beach or the lake soon ... somewhere near water with lanes to walk along.

sheila 77

Loved all these photographs and your words.
The first, the white windmill, is so fresh and clear, and the lovely lady was indeed lovely with her pretty frock.
I agree with you about the sinister figure in the caravan, I would have moved quickly on.
Thanks very much for your visit to and comment at Orange Esmeralda. I hope you'll come back for another visit soon.

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