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Thursday, 20 June 2019


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I'm sure that was a very hard decision to make about giving up your job. You've turned a page on to the next chapter of your glorious life. Yes truly alive & adventuring. I like Ali's reminder to "wake up". Your thought about not wanting to get to December & finding nothing has changed, has given me a jolt (or some would say a kick in the pants). Your green theme today is perfect, fresh, growing ... all things we wake up to! ... Mary-Lou =^..^=

Karen Walker

Thanks for your lengthy visit today. I always pay special attention to your comments about color and design since I consider you expert at both---as your page above demonstrates. I had MANY fears and insecurities about retirement, but after 11 years (how is that possible?), I can tell you that none of them were realized. Admittedly, teacher retirement in New York state is generous, but I didn't really believe we'd be as well off as it turns out we are. I loved my job, but have never missed it---not even once! I'm not quite sure where the time goes now, but it flies by just as quickly! I was doing well keeping track of my OLW this year until May when all my best intentions fizzled out. You're inspiring me to get back on track! I know you'll enjoy your break with family time!


A big change which can be both exciting and nerve wracking. Clearly you won't get to the end of the year and find nothing's changed! I hope you are able to realise some of those changes you had envisaged at the beginning of the year, although when we're going through such upheavals as you have we can find our priorities shifting. Enjoy your freedom to explore some new directions and the new addition to your family!


I found the first few months of retirement a bit odd, but then I found things to do and places to go and a new rhythm of life set in. It was the people that I worked with that I missed as we had such a lovely office - haven't missed the work at all! Enjoy this new beginning - no excuse for regular blogging now ;-)


So happy to see you pop up in my reader ... *am waving* (And thank you for the sweet note!)

Esther Andrews

Good on you! I retired from teaching this year, too. It was wearing me down. I've been much calmer and happier. It is great to have time to focus on fitness and hobbies and family. I am sure you will fill in your time with meaningful and rewarding activities. I always love seeing your pages and reading your beautifully written stories. They are an inspiration.


Alexa! So good to see you! I'm sure that suddenly being "retired" has to have put you a bit off kilter, but I'm just a wee bit envious. Work has been so hectic with so much travel lately that I'd love to get off the carousel for a spell. I hope you settle in quickly to your new normal and find lots of time to get creative - enough for the both of us maybe? You definitely deserve it!!!

tanza erlambang

exciting and beautiful design


First of all, how charming to type on a Princess-matic. That right there should make you feel a little more happily alive.

Giving things up, even a job, can be a bit terrifying, as there is always comfort in holding on to the familiar. That is why your quote of not getting to December and everything remaining the same has hit home with me today. Subtle changes in a new direction are not enough for me to stay on a new path. So I must think more drastic. Thanks for that reinforcing nudge.

And good luck along your new pathway too! Do let us know what you see, hear and feel along the way.

Linda Hoye

So nice to “see” you, Alexa. Retirement is an adjustment, to be sure. It took me a good while to adjust (of course, in addition to retiring, we relocated and repatriated at the same time!). The gift of being able to order your own days is a great one though. Wishing you well.


As always, such a beautiful visual page Alexa, and words that touch a cord. I too gave up a position after nearly 20 years and was anxious about the financial implications. I thought I would miss the conferences and continued learning, but NLP has given me that and I have also found a whole new network of friends and support groups. I have never missed the routine of work and the sense of freedom is everything that I hoped for and needed. A sense of purpose is important to me and I have enjoyed running creative workshops as well as throwing myself into new learning and new activities. I see myself as retired as life is full and I have different plans and ideas to keep me busy and stretched. Be excited! I am sure the change will be everything you hope for and more. Meanwhile enjoy your family and the free time until new adventures begin.

sheila 77

Your blogposts are so attractive with your marvellous photography and lovely journal layouts.
I haven't met anyone yet who doesn't love "retirement" and all of its possibilities (and sometimes relaxations).
I do like seeing the typewriter.


Cheers to you on your retirement ! One door closes and another opens. Can’t wIt to hear what you do next. I think that reinvention should be one of all of our words!

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