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Thursday, 27 June 2019


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I have badly neglected blogging (both posting and visiting) and I realise how much I have missed it reading your beautiful words Alexa. Your posts are always so engaging, and I'm so excited for you hearing that you are soon to have a new grandchild, and great-god-daughter.
I have been adjusting clothes too lately, after finally putting my head down and becoming a healthier me. It's good what a difference a few tweaks can make!


I absolutely understand the anxious waiting for news of new babies - we have two and a half weeks to wait for grand-baby number three - we shall be glamorous grandmothers around the same time!
Pleased to see that you are settling into your new way of life, making new routines and taking advantage of being able to do things mid week rather than weekends when the world and his wife are out and about.
I also often need to 'tweak' new purchases, rather than reveal lingerie or constantly hitch a neckline up an inch! I am so grateful for a sewing machine and the knowledge of how to alter a shoulder seam rather than have to pay someone else to alter something to fit.
it is lovely to see you back blogging Alexa, I have missed your poetic writing and beautiful photos!


I did chuckled out loud with your comment about "personalizing" your new summer dress. I haven't had the sewing machine out in, well too long & I have buttons that haven't been reattached. Exciting times waiting for the arrival of new little persons & so many places to explore with a bus pass & oh the chance to get out & trim your sail again & all to be recorded in your new journal.


How lovely to see you popping up in my reader more frequently!
What news of the newest grandchild? I did like Deb's comment about the two of you being glamorous grannies together. Oh, and happy exploring on the buses, but mind you don't become a 'twirly' ...

Karen Walker

There's not a lot more exciting than a new grandchild! Looking forward to news of both upcoming arrivals. I always enjoy reading your journaling. I (sadly) have begun relying on the local tailor for alterations. My old sewing machine will no longer hold a good tension, and for the small amount of sewing I do, I can't justify the cost of a new machine. Mine is nearly 40 years old, and the repair man tells me I can no longer buy a machine as good as this one, but nonetheless, his repairs don't last!


I am enjoying catching up with you, and your way with words. Wanting to wear summer dresses again is what is making me count calories these days - low necklines are not my problem -- tight waistlines are. But I read an article today that says walking is all the exercise that is needed to pare down my middle. I know that was true 2 years ago, I am hoping it will be again. Wish me lots of steps (9,000 is pretty impressive).

Melissa Gross

It sounds like the "personalizing" made that dress perfect for you!

So very lovely to "see" you here & popping up in the comments on my blog. I always enjoy reading your lovely writing & learning what y'all have been up to. So exciting with babies due soon (or maybe already here since I'm a little late getting around to blog reading this summer).


So happy to see you back on your blog and your day sounds lovely. The whole reason I see my own garments is so I can personalize them completely ! Can’t wait for more time to work on those projects. Cheers!

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