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Saturday, 09 February 2019


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Karen Walker

Oh my! I would have loved a book like this during my first pregnancy. The illustrations are delightful and the prompts as well. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with them. I know they must have appreciated the help!


What a fantastic idea! There's so many books for after the baby has arrived, I've never seen one for the pregnancy stages before. When is she due? Exciting times!


What a wonderful gift, Alexa! and huge congratulations to all!! becoming a grandmother has been a highlight of my life :-)

Cheri Andrews

Congratulations! The book is adorable - I bet you could market that!


That book is just darling, as is the mom-to-be. And how exciting for them to be house-hunting, and for you to get to go along. Wishing them a house to fill with happiness and make a home!


A wonderful memory book creation & congratulations of becoming a Grandmother.


Congratulations on both becoming a granny again and for producing such a delightful book!

Melissa Stebbins

congratulations! how lucky for your daughter to have you make such a gorgeous book.


I love the baby book...I had a bought one [cheap] that I half filled in for James and then didn't do anything with the one for Sienna....I wish I had written down all the milestones...I was in the thick of it. Regards Kathy A

alexandra sirugue-macleod

Yes! I am smiling big time! ( again, better late than never)
So happy for all of you and what you have created here is both superb looking an practical!
I had a calendar for each of our three children that hung above the changing table. It had all kinds of stickers and I would also add quick notes directly into each square. A precious keepsake and the only one I manage to finish at the time.

Melissa Gross

Just popped over to check on you ... hope all is going well!

What a lovely book! And your layout about y'all's visit is wonderful - always such beautiful clean and fresh pages!

tanza erlambang

great idea

Liz Gillum

Hello Alexa, long time no read (sorry)!
I'm so happy to hear there's a small person coming to join your lovely family. What a beautiful gift you have made for your daughter.
Hope I will see you at our next Bloggers' weekend - post is up on FB just now!


That book is amazing Alexa! There is nothing nicer than a hand made book, especially when it is so personal and perfect.

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