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Tuesday, 05 February 2019


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Karen Walker

I love that I can click to read every word and see in detail the photos. Your words and your design-sense were what captivated me the first time I visited your blog, and they have never disappointed since!. I love the ivy and lights. I'm reading a book now called "Joyful" that talks about the various aesthetics that bring joy into our lives; surely these little lights strung amidst the ivy would be a perfect example!


I want to repeat everything that Karen has said - your posts are always very interesting and the layout of those pages are just beautiful.
I watched The Crown too, isn't it good? I am looking forward to the new season of it and hope that the new Queen is as good as Claire Foy.


Brilliant - so beautifully designed and laid out!!!! Your pages are like hygge for your readers, well me. Though poor you having to eat all that ghastly kale :( I feel for you ;). Love your new chair, looks perfect to read in. Hope you get to spend more time in it xx

tanza erlambang

beautiful photos.
have a great day


What lovely bits of life to share and remember. I like your new format, although I am all for changing it up now and again, maybe with the seasons?


Simply lovely, Alexa! ...also - that ivy with the twinkle lights is an inspiration.

Cheri Andrews

What a great way to recap the month and capture your life! I am in love with the ivy and lights - I don't think I would ever take them down!


The placement of your photo montage is just about perfect!


So artful. I wonder why the horse trailer is abandoned? I wonder if used as a stop protection for a cross country competition & this is where the officials hung out in case of rain.

Melissa Stebbins

I watched both seasons of the crown over a couple of months last year (I wait until Hubby is overseas and then do a bit of a binge). Loved it. I can completely understand you wanting to mix it up. After finishing a book I often want a change. Love this design and the numbers. Will you be doing 1 page per month or do you expect to add some more detailed stories as well?


I love the eclectic nature of your post and the lights among the ivy is certainly homely.

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