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Friday, 18 January 2019


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You’re right! No time limits allowed! Your project looks wonderful, lots of good memories there! Did you make your book?


Yes, definitely no such thing as a time limit in scrapbooking otherwise I’d never do any! Looks great. Did you print the pages then bind it all together?


I haven't scrapbooked a single page since October 2017. I realised it is because the deaths of three cousins within one year had stopped me in my tracks. Especially as one of them was the closest I have ever had to a brother. In the last week or two I have felt a little glimmer of mojo, just trying to break through so I should be doing the last of 2017 and all of 2018 just as soon as I move the cr...... stuff off my crafting table. So obviously I am not late, we are never late at scrapbooking we just need longer to think about some pages than others


I think getting it done in only six months is pretty impressive! and how fun to revisit a fun week in the summer now that it's winter. well done!

Cheri Andrews

Himself would be horrified to learn that I haven't finished baby books for my daughters who are now 25. If we had to finish everything "on time" we'd never get anything else done. Unless Himself enjoys eating frozen tv dinners and wearing dirty clothes? Well done you for finishing within 6 months of the trip and such a pretty finished project!

Karen Walker

I would have to give up scrapbooking if there were time limits! I caught up with my Project Life pages last spring, and am now nearly as far behind again. I'm finally working on a photo book of our trip to Istanbul which was six years ago come May. Fortunately the photos were editing and organized ages ago. Your pages are beautifully designed. It's always a pleasure (and inspiration) to see your work!


No time limits at all in scrapbooking, in fact leaving a gap between 'doing' and 'recording' gives you chance to relive it all over again! Lovely pages!

Melissa Gross

It's perfect & of course there's no such thing as late! And it's definitely so much FUN to read back through the memories as re-live them again - that's one of the best things about scrapbooking, isn't it!


The journal looks marvellous from here and you're so right about scrapbookers never being late with projects!


What a wonderful book you have created. You always are so creative. That is the whole point of scrap booking, to look back & re-sample the feelings, the memories. I do believe that the creative journey is never on a timetable. So glad you feel the need, the urge, the juices flowing again to create timeless masterpieces.

Missus Wookie

Definitely no time limits - you have a different perspective when you look back at a completed journey/adventure. So I value both those done in the middle of the chaos, and those after the ripples have settled down.


Esther Andrews

Looks like a wonderful keepsake! I'm just getting to my trip from April 2016 - loving reliving it. Thank goodness I kept a journal of the trip - or it *would* be too late.


Scrapbooking is a bit like time travel and my craft room my T.A.R.D.I.S

alexandra sirugue-macleod

You are so wise, funny and talented!
Love your book and good on you!!

Liz Gillum

Hehe... so glad you educated Himself! But, surely he's learned by now, that he shouldn't tangle with you? He must be a thrill-seeker, who thrives on domestic danger!
That is a lovely book of memories. I do love how you have made it too - pockets with text, photos not all in the same format, all the colour. It's so carefully planned - a miniature work of art.


Yes, late does not exist in journaling and making scrapbooks. I have bags of brochures, tickets, and paraphernalia from years back. Some may never find themselves in a book, others (photo heavy trips) have become printed coffee table books rather than hand made. I love the style and lay out of the book you made here, as always it has your unique style and beautiful design. A book to go back to time and time again.

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