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Wednesday, 15 August 2018


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Oh what a wonderfully happy day it looks! She is a truly radiant bride - what a lovely blog post to return with. You have been missed, so let me be the first to welcome you back!

Esther Andrews

Photos full of joy! (waving back)

Karen Walker

A smile indeed! Such gorgeous photos filled with love and joy! And joy at seeing you back as well!

Melissa Gross

Oh, Alexa!!! It is so wonderful to "see" you here (and popping up in my comments lately)!

What a lovely wedding - full of beauty & love & joy! Congratulations & many prayers for lifelong happiness to the newlyweds!


Welcome back. You have been missed.


Oh my - lovely, Alexa!! These photos most definitely brought a smile to my face (and maybe a few tears to my eyes, as well ... I always cry at weddings!) It's a treat to see a post from you in my feed reader - and I look forward to seeing you here again, soon!

Cheri Andrews

She is GORGEOUS Alexa - and you look so happy in that photo on the far right second down. Seeing you smile brings a smile to my face! :) So glad to have you popping back into my blog feed!


my oh my how happy do they look. What lovely memories this creates for you amongst the sadness and poignancy that such an event inevitably brings. the grieving process is long. Indeed, does it ever end? This marriage brings new fresh memories for you to cherish and document and hopefully eases a little of the pain you feel.


How good to see you back with us. Joy and happiness just jumps off that page, and I am glad to know you were surrounded by it and enveloped by it. I stopped and said a prayer for the happy couple in their new life together - happy wayfaring to them and to you!


I am so glad I looked in on my blog list - here you are with a post about your wonderful family wedding! It looks like a really lovely, memorable day. I love the photos and wish the happy couple a long and joyful life together. X


Alexa, I have just read back a bit, through your posts from December onwards. I'm sorry I haven't kept up properly. When I read about grieving, i wondered and wanted to be sure. So, this is late, but I am sorry to read about the death of your dad. I know that you will all miss him, but I do hope you are finding new ways to occupy the spaces his passing has left in your lives. It's good too, to have these special, happy family events, which bring you all together again and remind you all that life continues, good as well as sad.
I'm looking forward so much to seeing you next month and hope you are well. X


Alexa, beautiful photos of a joyous time. welcome back.


Lovely photos & thank you for sharing. It is nice to see you back in the blog-sphere.


What gorgeous photos! Looks like a lovely happy family day. Much love to you all XXX


It looks like such a happy day.

Rosie Radcliffe

Oh what a lovely wedding! And we have our own daughter's wedding in York in November ....


Hi! Imagine my sheer delight when I clicked - just to check - and saw this wonderful photo collage ! Absolutely lovely your daughter is and thank you ever so much for sharing! So glad you dipped in again . Welcome Welcome back! Cheers đŸ¥‚ dear friend!

Missus Wookie

What a wonderful post to see - gorgeous photos and such happiness.

Thank you for your comments - I too wondered if anyone would be out there...

I plan on doing some digi, but I'm finding working long hours on the computer tires me and I'm not as keen on sitting doing computer bits there too. That will change I'm sure as things calm down.

Carol Anne

Lovely photos! Looking forward to reading more from you.


I'm back home after our busy Summer of travels and am delighted to see you pop up in my reader! And what glorious photos to share with us, and there you were, tucked away in the bottom corner … it looks like a magical day!


Yes, still here waving back :)

alexandra sirugue-macleod

Gorgeous Bride and beautiful pictures!
Congrats to you ;-)


The wedding photos look beautiful and I love her dress....Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


Absolutely beautiful!

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