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Wednesday, 07 March 2018


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Sorry to hear about the recent passing of your father...very sad. My Mum is having chemo for 6 months (she is 77) so started last month and it's been very rough on her. This will give her more years with us so it's difficult now but hopefully things will improve. I was only thinking about you yesterday when I was reading other comments and wondering how you are going. I can't believe all the snow over there at the moment whereas here in Brisbane we have been sweltering with the heat. It's Autumn now but still a little hot. Kathy


So enjoyed browsing these three layout pages...the scenery is wonderful and I loved my "trip" to the UK, albeit digital. Love the purple glow of your hiking trip photos...
Look forward to seeing more from you as life settles into a different rhythm.


I'm so sorry to read that your Mum is poorly, Kathy - will be thinking of you all ...

Esther Andrews

These pages are so beautiful! I love seeing your pages.
My middle daughter went to work in Amsterdam and has been travelling around. She's currently in Malta escaping the cold!
Yes, I can certainly relate to the flagging energy. I had thought I would return to work "business as usual" after the death of my father, but not so.

Karen Walker

There may not be much green in those pages, but the photography is gorgeous indeed. I especially love the rolling hills with the sheep. No green here; we're still well covered in snow after 17" last weekend. It will take several days of warm weather before we see our yard again, but there's not much hope of that in the forecast. By March, I'm always ready for spring, but it's often one of the snowiest months of the year.


You have such a gift with your photography of making the Beast from the East's gifts look absolutely gorgeous. The photo of the sheep in the field with the sun/cloud has such a sense of spirit about it - a promise of a new day. Your hike up to the Lollards (who I need to know more about) looks very rough & rugged. It would be a place to loose yourself in because you would need to focus so closely to were you walk. I know that feeling of the business of loosing someone close & dear, it does drain, it does stir more sense of loss. Somewhere in all that there should be a special tonic you could take, alas, no; the wiser than me say something about time being the helper ... keeping you in my thoughts.


Beautiful layouts as always, filled with such gorgeous photos. Love the ones depicting the steep walk in the countryside. It's that mystical, if damp, look of rock and greenery which I love in these parts. Hope you're keeping safe and warm. P xx


I see so much warmth and new growth in these words and pages, Alexa (yes, most of it is figurative ;-) I'm enjoying Soulful Simplicity and love the idea of downsizing without moving house. Take care, my friend!


There is definitely much to be gained by wrapping up warm and stepping outside to get some fresh air and see that even beneath the snow, the first stirrings of spring are beginning. It does a power of good, mentally and physically and you live in such a beautiful part of the country for leisurely walks - it really is picture postcard pretty.


Awww... Alexa, I often think about you even if my presence here is thin, and I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad.
I am sure your Dad is hugely grateful for the support and care you have given him these past few years. It's not been an easy time and with my own mother needing more and more help as time passes I know how incredibly important this is. It feels like hard work at the time but it is a privilege to be able to do this and a different stage of life to share. Recognising all the different feelings you must have right now, I imagine it must be lovely to go for long walks and do other things that life has put on hold or curbed.
I thought of you this week as I was on a workshop with a lady who lives in Sheffield. She'd managed to drive down okay but left slightly early as news got through that snow was falling again and she wanted to get home without getting stuck on motorways. Our snow just lasted a few days and memories of your photos over past years always come to mind - it is always spectacular where you live and I enjoy it from the distance! I hope the green shows through soon and with it new beginnings. Thinking of you at this difficult time and good luck with the down sizing. I cleared out a humungous amount of paperwork these past few weeks and am gradually learning to let go more easily. Good luck with your own efforts xxx


I was happy to see you pop up in my reader ... that's a lot of snow! And proper snowmen!
Sending you a warm hug. x

Rosie Radcliffe

You are doing everything right in terms of bereavement - taking your time, letting the feelings be what they are - this is a journey that can't and shouldn't be hurried through. As ever I love your pages - your graphic design skills are enviable, and I so appreciate your honesty and how you share yourself and your life.

Cheri Andrews

So lovely to see you in Susannah's class! And glad you are finding time to be spontaneous, play with snowmen, and go hiking. Hope the healing continues - sending warm loving thoughts your way.


beautiful layouts, I do like your style.

Missus Wookie

I was tempted by Susannah's class but knew I wouldn't have the head space or time at the moment. Glad that you are giving yourselves grace and that the good memories are returning.

That is a lot of snow - looks prettier up there than on the streets down here.

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