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Sunday, 14 January 2018


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What a wonderful catch up with you Alexa. I agree, winter gardens have lots to offer with a variety of branching styles & trunk bark & I like the red of the dogwood branches. We also just sorted & rolled a huge collection of coin - it was about $135.00 collars (CND)! I hope that both you & Himself feel better very soon & I like your term of two rusty gates holding each other up. (hugs)


So glad to see you, your beautiful photographs, and thoughtful journaling. I'm sure the stress of the last few months has lowered both of your resistance to illness. Hoping you soon feel better, and find some ways to move ahead that feel just right for both of you.

Esther A

"Himself" is very wise! It IS all about the memory keeping after all. I have been in a bit of a fog, too, with the passing of my father a few weeks ago. I think I'm OK, but simple things somehow seem that bit more difficult to do. I keep losing things and forget almost everything I'm told!
I hope your first few pages cheer you up and you are soon back on top of things.


Beautiful pages and writing! Brilliant to see you creating again. I recognised Dunham Massey straight away, one of our favourite little trips out :) Like you I'm surprised at how many people you encountered at this time of year. One of the reasons I enjoy going to Norton Priory for a trip out, is how quiet it is :). Looks like you enjoyed it though. P xx

Missus Wookie

Lovely catch up pages, we've decided we're not doing the PL/Gratitude album this year. So, I need to think about how to capture this year - your pages are giving me inspiration.

Hope you both feel healthier soon!


So good to see you pop up in my reader ... Himself is very wise!


It is lovely to read your beautiful words again, you have a certain way with writing that is so enjoyable to read. And beautiful photos too.


How lovely it is again, to get peeks into your life these days, and enjoy the flow of your words and the snaps that you take. But I disagree, that fox isn't looking meditative to me, he looks rather haughty. Maybe he's had enough of the owl's superior, nearly regal countenance.


So happy to see you creating again Alexa - and you do have such a way with capturing the little snippets of life and nature! Hope to see a lot more of you this year!


Your photos are beautiful and I am glad to see you are back at it!

Lorraine York

What a beautiful garden and what lovely pictures. Makes me miss the UK.


What a wonderful outing - gardens in winter offer a whole different kind of beauty. Hope you both are feeling better ... if nothing else, daylight for more than ten hours should help! All the best for 2018!!


Lovely to have found you again - my reader for some reason deleted all my blogs and I've been floundering trying to remember names of blogs. I'm so sorry to have seen that your Dad passed away. My sympathies to you and the family. Hugs.

Yvonne Yam

Well hello there. It's been a while. Hope things are well.
Loved seeing your life through those photos.

Hope 2018 is a fruitful and healthy one for you!

Melissa Gross

OH Alexa - it is so wonderful to see you here in blogland and to read about the lovely day y'all had. Your photos are gorgeous! I hope the two of you are feeling well, more like strong gates swinging on well-oiled hinges now! :)

alexandra sirugue-macleod

What a joy it is to see your beautiful new pages Alexa!
I've enjoyed reading your journaling and I find your "these weeks" to be a particularly clever addition.
Thank You!


Lovely to see your new pages - as beautiful as they always are - and to share something of Dunham Massey. Your photos remind me that Spring isn't far away. So very sorry to hear you lost your Father after caring for him so long. I still have mine and although he is 93 he is actually fitter than me, with a MUCH better social life!


Welcome back. My favorite advertising slogan: "Taste then again...for the first time" from Kellogg's - makers of corn flakes and other cereals - is so appropo for your scrapbook pages...always a delight and treat to view. I'm trying my hand at an occasional TN spread this yeat...just for fun.
Love the tour through the winter gardens...thanks for sharing.

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