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Thursday, 05 October 2017


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You are so talented Alexa!!! I love your vertical pumpkins and journaling!

Lisa H

Gosh this is gorgeous! All those beautiful pumpkins. You are so so talented. I love it! And Junelle? There's a name from the past that makes me smile. It's been a long time. I have one of her wonderful sheep paintings here in my room. I'll have to follow your link to check out what she's doing. If only I could paint or sketch! *sigh*!


oh my goodness. I love this. You are so talented. this is stunning.

alexandra sirugue-macleod

OH My, My, My! Alexa you are so talented!
I love it! Look at the amazing sense for color and movement!
Love the patches of white too!
Promise us you will grace us with another one soon?!!


Melissa Gross

OH, Alexa, this turned out absolutely fabulous! I'm so glad you're able to steal those minutes away and return to the watercolors until something this wonderful is complete. Looking forward to seeing what you create!!!


You are SO talented! Love, love, love this! Will definitely be back to see what else you paint this month.


Wow thank goodness you blew the dust off your watercolours! This is gorgeous. Love the variety of shapes and styles in your pumpkins. Hope you are going to do some more painting :) P xx


Oh, they are simply beautiful and you could easily turn the design into a few seasonal cards ... perfect eye candy for an October morning!


how delightful! (and heartwarming :-)


I like your pumpkins a lot & your encouragement sign is so cute. WOW what talent you have - I agree that these two watercolours could easily become card fronts.


You are so talented! This is absolutely beautiful. Now you've got those paints out, I hope we're going to be seeing a lot more of your art!


These are lovely Alexa.... been thinking about you this week and hope all’s well xx


Just delightful!!! I'm signed up for the same class, but haven't had time to get started yet. We're away for the weekend, but I'm hoping to get my paints out before we head out again in a couple of weeks. (After seeing yours, mine will probably remain quietly in my sketchbook.)


That is delightful, and it looks like a lot of fun.


I LOVE this! I didn't even know Junelle was doing her own classes. I remember way back when she was just an uber-talented fellow classmate in one of Christy Tomlinson's class and everyone swooned over her work (with good reason). I think your take on the pumpkins is absolutely adorable and makes me want to sign up for the class... except that I'm still traveling for work much of October and wouldn't be able to participate with the group at all. I miss the days when I had time for art! So glad I stopped in to check on you and glad you are doing well and sneaking away time to paint!


Oh Wow Alexa! Your painting is just charming:) Lovely! Thanks for sharing XXX


Oh Alexa! Those "pumpkins are sooo much fun...enticing too...I'm tempted to pull out my watercolors BUT I have so many other projects to do, first. Thanks for brightening my eve!


What a joyful page of pumpkins!! Your watercolour and drawing is equisite Alexa!

Missus Wookie

I got watercolour brushes for Christmas this year, I need to dig out my watercolours and remember to play!

Those pumpkins are adorable, and the message very apt.

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