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Sunday, 06 August 2017


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Yes, Autumnal August just about sums it up, what an odd Summer we are having!
I always love it when your blog pops up as having been updated, I miss your lovely style of writing and fab photos.
I am pleased to hear that you are feeling a little more nourished and finding time to record those memories with wise words and tasteful pictures.


I'm sorry to hear that you've been under the weather and appear to have a full plate right now. Your wooden word is lovely ... do try to heed its meaning. Those wee pages are lovely; the one in the middle resonates with me right now.


Well hello, it's lovely to see you here! I missed Ali's July prompt too and I have no good excuse. Those pages you put together are beautiful; I hope you've taken the words to heart!


We've missed you for sure, and I'll keep positive thoughts coming your way. It does sound like you've had a lot to deal with! Your pages are lovely---as always. It seems very autumnal here today, and truthfully, I'm not ready. We've hardly used our patio at all this summer. I want some nice warm, sunny days---for you and for me. Take care.


I love the wooden word and what looks like waves under it. It's beautiful as are your styled photos! I hope you feel better soon and that you get to be creative amidst your busyness!

Rosie Radcliffe

I know what it is like to be caring for somebody else, and to find yourself depleted with no way out but through. Its HARD, and maybe you need some respite? Can't remember the name of the organisation (but it might be Crossroads?) which will provide you with an afternoon to yourself or similar. It might be all you need, and the risk is that you will become ill more often because you are basically bone weary ...


Hi Alexa! I'm so happy that you found some time to play in between all the other demands and the feeling poorly. Your cards are so beautiful - truly makes me wish I had participated in OLW this year! I just needed something different I guess. I so miss blogging, creating, visiting with blog friends and all the things I used to do before work got crazy. Hoping that by this time next year it will have all settled down and I'll be around to say hello more - but you are often in my thoughts and I do miss hearing from you!

alexandra sirugue-macleod

Hello Alexa!
I really like what you've created here and the idea of using white paint over the words is brilliant!
Love the effect and the way you have photographed your work.


As always, stunning...and those pages are perfect for your word!


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