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Wednesday, 23 August 2017


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This is a lovely spread and even if autumn is early - tho' not that much - the spread totally resonates. Thank you for sharing...


Karen Walker

What a lovely layout! I'm not quite ready to think about Autumn yet. Your roses are beautiful.

I use a traveler's notebook for my journal of our travels. I've never seen one with plastic page protectors, but that's a great idea. Since I never finished last year's Christmas Journal, I certainly don't want to think about this year's! Maybe now that I have the 100 Day Project completed I can get back to my Project Life pages. I can't seem to keep up.


This post & note from your Traveller's book has such a relaxing feel to it. I have not used such a book (as yet). Oh yes do mention December Daily ... I have also been giving some thought to how to I want to capture this year although I don't want to give any thought to the season of winter. As summer winds down with the changing of light, the temperatures lowering, I want to embrace first Labour Day, then Thanksgiving & only then maybe I be ready for winter! Maybe (col).


what a beautiful page, it is feeling very autumnal here too.


Can't believe I got to see this TN in the flesh over the weekend, and to actually meet you in real life! Lucky me on both counts!

Julie Kirk

Looks like a good way to get some creating done on a smaller scale. And it's always satisfying finding the kind of paper that's 'just right'(as Goldilocks would have said if she'd been a crafter!)!

alexandra sirugue-macleod

Lovely design and composition!
You have such an eye for esthetics!


So lovelyy to meet you last weekend after all these years! Lovley to see your pages in the flesh too!


Your composition is so soft. Autumn is in the corner, I'm sad (the end of summer) and happy (autumn colors) in the same time. Have a good week


This is beautiful and I have already heard so many good things about the Stamp Spot journals with the combo of paper and pockets... your idea of using one for a DD album is very inspiring...


Lovely, you are seriously tempting me to try this format.

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