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Thursday, 04 May 2017


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I LOVE all the creative energy in that photo. and I covet (oh yeah!) those scissors :-) wishing YOU happy and sunshine-filled days!!


What a lovely photo you've arranged for us, filled with all the good things from your week! Although the deconstruction project doesn't sound very inviting to me. I can't remember the last time I took the cover off my sewing machine. When it last needed to be repaired the gentleman told me I needed to use it more regularly. I wonder if it still works. Hoping your days are also filled with sunshine and that the upcoming June trip will provide you with a needed respite.


You do get some very interesting mail. Your photo is so very artistic. And I couldn't agree more about tea - it does cure all that ails you.


Now that does sound intriguing! Such a pretty photo (I can see why you might have been tempted into some sewing) and the darling block capitals? Perfect!

Thinking of you and your Dad and everyone, as always, and hoping you have a nice weekend x

alexandra sirugue-macleod

Hello Dear Alexa,

Love that shot as well and Nathalie's card is tearrific (couldn't help myself)
Thinking of you and hoping that trip will be a breath of fresh air for you.


Melissa Gross

What a lovely photo - those teacups are cute & the block lettering is wonderful! Such happy mail!


Oh, I do hope your trip in June provides a much needed breather for you!

Rosie Radcliffe

As someone who has just "quickly lifted the shoulders" of a much loved top ... which involved taking the sleeves out, taking the top seam in, and rebinding the neckline .... you have my sympathy. As someone who has also cared for an older relative, please take care of your own needs too.


An ouchy pin-filled floor is no good, indeed. Anyhoo, Keep up the good work.

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