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Wednesday, 22 March 2017


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Hi Alexa - Thanks for the freebie...and it was good to read about your days...March hasn't been very good; sorry to read that. I ho[e things are on an upbeat for you and that Himself is better. Isn't Skype great? Try Zoom...it's good too and free version available ...

Take care,


Your designs are always a delight! Thanks for the freebie. I MUST get back to my Project Life pages as soon as we get back, but as usual, I've got another big project I'm working on as well. Glad to hear Himself's back injury has improved. I love your last paragraph. I think there'll still be snow on the ground when we get home from our trip. It hasn't warmed up much since we left, and 30" is a lot of snow to melt. It's been so wonderful to be in a warm, sunny place for a week. I hope I'll be able to remember it.

Melissa Gross

Oh goodness, I do hope all that snow goes away soon & spring arrives there in full force. Fantastic frame - thanks for sharing!!


Another wonderful clean & tidy page, such a pleasure to view. Thank you for the fee frame, such a treat. Oh I do feel for Himself with back pain - at the physio clinic where I work, it is probably the number one complaint. Good for you keeping up with your fitness program (clap clap clap).

Susan Bowers

This is gorgeous. This is a digital page, yes? What products did you use? Definitely scraplift worthy!!!


I think you will be glad to see April! I love your page design and thank you for the download! I am so far behind on my Project Life, I don't know when I'll catch up. Glad to hear everyone is on the mend! You are optimistic about summer!! It was almost zero F her e last night with the wind chill, and still piles of snow where the sun doesn't shine all day. Cheers to spring soon for all of us!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea

You have such a great eye for design Alexa. Loving that small children are still keen on the Mr Men books. My brother and I had the whole collection between us around 40 years ago!


Your pages are so clean and bright, like a breath of fresh air. Hope Spring remembers about y'all soon so you can have some sunshine in your life, too!

Cheri Andrews

I love the way the simplicity of that background can lend itself to so many options!


Don't faint my friend...just dropping in to say 'hi' and glad to hear that weather apart (and heating...WHY does the heating always malfunction in the worst weather?!) things are generally good with you xx


I love your pages, I used to draw all the Mr Men for my children to colour in, over and over again. Where has all that time gone?

alexandra sirugue-macleod

This is beautiful and so visually appealing!
When I look back at our PLs, I think what touches me the most is the journaling so I'm happy you are devoting so much care to recording all the little details!


Your pqges look like a magazine! I also really like how you structure your journaling! I hope that by now Spring has shown up!!!


I love your 2 pages and the fact that they are so different from the usual 'project life' style layout.


Hi Alexa! What a lovely fresh looking page! Sorry you had so much rain in March, hopefully you've had some sunshine in April like we have down South. Glad to hear that Himself's back is on the mend. Take care!

Rosie Radcliffe

How I wish I COULD still learn, but its a struggle these days. Its hard to make something new go in, much less STAY in, but I keep working at it. I did a sort of project life both last year and the one before, but this year decided I wouldn't. It just felt like it was bossing me about. This doesn't, however, stop me enjoying yours!

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