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Thursday, 09 February 2017


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Fiona@Staring at the Sea

You've sparked a memory of my own lovely Gran disappearing into her pantry (and all the good things that might be found there) with yours. I'll be cheering you on for sure with that weight training. In answer to your question, my girl got on very well and was offered a place yesterday. One of only 40 on the Illustration course. We are all delighted.


What a great "practice"! (I still need to watch the February OLW video!!)


The swinging beaded curtain is so evocative ... we had one for years in the kitchen doorway and my brother took delight in attempting to jump through it!
Those journal pages are beautiful, surely enough motivation to keep going so you can fill it up.


Such pretty paper. Yeah you, well done you, go for it girl ... I do wish I could come up with some original inspirations but right now I am a little on the drained side myself. When I speak badly or rather harshly to myself, I remember that I would never speak to a friend like that & stop. Bravo Alexa!

Cheri Andrews

You've got this Alexa! I know you'll make your goal - you are so very determined. Just remember to be kind to yourself, listen to your body, and work different muscle groups each day... the muscles need a day in between workouts to repair... but you knew that, right?


Even in any context, doesn't being called Missie make you feel young. Think that way as you are working on the strength training - you young Missie you!


...and chasing you up the hall with a damp face cloth? That was always my Grandma's joke, that I needed a scrubbing lol. Strength training? You have my complete admiration and every encouraging word I can think of..


I find that chart of Ali's a help, and you've decorated it so beautifully that you can keep it right in front of you. Although I'm no fan of the gym, I do like weight training, and seeing the progress over time. Keep a good record of your weights and reps, and the improvement will keep you at it!


You can rely on us to keep our beady eyes on you and spur you on! The difficult bit is making that exercise part of the daily routine, once you've got into good habits it's easier to keep going. Getting a dog certainly changed our walking routines from once in a blue moon to every day!


What an inspiration you are; I have been sortof doing my daily practice (ahem: practice is one of my words) but I've not sat down and created a lovely tracker to help inspire me! Loved the story of your grandmother's encouragement...I can just see her, the apron and the beaded curtain...wonderful image.

You ask for words of encouragement; gladly I oblige - and they are words of praise, too - and come via Ali Edwards, also:

Go Alexa Go!


Missus Wookie

It was so nice to get a glimpse of your granny, a few words with yourself sounds like a sensible place to start.

Lovely page of reflections - lunches are my downfall. I tend to forget to stop to eat, and then don't want to cook :sigh:

I've been keeping up with my practice, actually started in January but being sick has slowed down the habit building.


Oh, how I love your stories! I hope that the physical training is going well - and that you'll be able to continue building on it in March. 15 minutes a day, for a month, is all it takes to form a habit! x

alexandra sirugue-macleod

I love to read your prose and discover your goals Alexa!
I'm intrigued by that chart. It makes me think I should have joined in...
and to top it all you've made your record so pleasing to the eyes!
Well done!

Melissa Gross

Oh Alexa, what a FUN post to read. I am wondering how you're doing with the daily strength training?

I've chosen to add 200 crunches to my exercise routine - so far I've done 10 out of 16 days.


Love this post Alexa! Good luck with your strength training! I should blog about my word, it is SLOW for this year. Slowing down and making more time to do the things I really want to do!


I haven't visited you in a long time and I have so much to say! Thank you first of all for leaving very kind words on my blog! They are always very much appreciated! Second of all, i can't believe we picked the same word for 2017! But I haven't done much with mine... I love your journal and your evocative story... and finally, I couldn't help but smile as I read your post because I have been suffering all day with muscle soreness due to some kind of interval training class I took yesterday! What a foolish idea! :)))

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