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Sunday, 05 February 2017


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Thanks for the invitation, it was a walk with you I certainly enjoyed. Such beautiful views. I have a fondness for old stone walls & the photo of your favourite tree & wall is perfect, I would/could live with that enlarged & on my wall.

I am a fan of Eyeore, his caution is most valued :)


What a wonderful walk Alexa! Just what I needed on this overcast day. Your photos and reflections are just beautiful and how green is that moss! I loved going on a 5 minutes walk with you, thank you for joining in. What a lovely part of the country you live.


Oh, yes: it blew the cobwebs away very satisfactorily thank you


Oh, so lovely. Thanks for the walk. The 5th just passed me by; cold, gray and snowy so I stayed inside most of the day because I could, venturing out only for dinner at a friends. Your walk is what I really needed, but I'd have to drive a ways to find such beautiful landscapes.


Thank you for taking me along with you. (I'm always all smiles about a walk!) I'm completely struck by the color palette ... it's so very different from where I live ... and absolutely breathtaking.


So beautiful - a real treat to have a virtual visit to that landscape with you!


Thanks for taking us along.

Melissa Gross

Such lovely views - I'm so glad it cleared it up & y'all were able to enjoy the walk & get these beautiful snaps, too!


I'll join you on that walk any day of the year! Spectacular photos and such interesting terrain. What was the temp? Do you recall? The vista is incredible. Thanks for this treat!

Missus Wookie

Lots of Q friends went to Ulverston to visit Swarthmore Hall for a meeting this weekend, so I've been seeing similar photos in my FB feed. Glorious weather and skies, the views are marvellous and make me want to come back.

alexandra sirugue-macleod

Your photos are beautiful Alexa!
Oh, how I wish I could have tagged along!
I love and miss the moorland!


You still take beautiful photos!!! That moss!!!

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