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Thursday, 19 January 2017


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Melissa Gross

Yippee for getting a start on your 2017 book!! I agree that the stories are so important.

Linda Hoye

Alexa, I love these pages! Is there a template you use to do this?

Katie Bolinger

Impressed with your commitment to getting yard this is life books done. Love your layouts so clean so easy to follow. Good luck with this year's book.


Your layouts are always so lovely and clean looking. Your wonderful photography shines through them as well. I wish my children had some interest in my scrapbooks, but I can't say they do. Nonetheless, I think you are right, it will be the stories that matter, and I must do a better job of it!


Your layouts are inspiring! (as is the idea of an actual BOOK :-) I've been taking a photo every day for years...I guess I need to spend time on the words, too. Great food for thought!


Your photos are always worth lingering over, says this fan :) In my family we have very few photos of our teenage years and so we have relied on the storytelling to help us remember.


Yes! Totally, agree. =)


I read Stacy's entire comment along with your words in this post - I got quite teary over this. It really bares thinking longer about; what stories are we telling about ourselves & who are we telling the stories for, especially for those of us that really have no family connections. I would love to have more stories about my Mother & Gran, more stories about my dad, grandparents, the aunts, uncles, cousins & the great aunt I supposedly look like (no photos so I cannot compare).

Your layouts are always photo & words rich & are quite enviable ...


Oh, Alexa, your words are so beautiful (even in your short, but sweet blog posts) that I am sure the stories you tell will touch many a heart.

alexandra sirugue-macleod

You are so right Alexa!
I've been doing two PLs for years and this year I feel "stuck" for the 1st time.
I must concentrate on our story more! Thank You for the reminder and your double page looks marvelous!


I love your clean style and so agree about the stories. My mother's memory is very poor now and I wish I had listened more to her stories. I am going to make a dtermined effort this year to tell more of mine.


I really LOVE this post and I couldn't agree more... the stories are so important. I read somewhere else recently that you are the only person qualified to tell your story and if you don't tell it, nobody else can. So I'm trying to keep that in mind this year as I recommit to my scrapbooking and my blogging and being authentically who I am. Thanks for sharing with us!


Stacy's comment was absolutely spot on! Please keep on doing what you're doing!


Story! Story! Story! So many banging around in my mind and I'm desperately trying to get them "written down," to quote Shimelle among others...I agree with you and your kids: it's the words, the words. Tho' the photos are lovely and interesting, they need the words for the full and complete picture - pun intended. If I *ever* unearth the secret, I'll be sure to share! Until, know that I think you are off to a grand start on book # 2! To be continued...

Missus Wookie

Stories are definitely what keeps me returning to the pages. Lovely start to your book. Your breakfast is similar to mine - I've found the protein and veggies are such a good way to start my day.

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