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Wednesday, 11 January 2017


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Happy New Year Alexa! I agree about spellings, predictive text always throws me and I prefer the English way too. I have been thinking about my own one word. I never shared mine last year but even so I was amazed how accurate my one word was. I have often been blown away by it's connection.
So I hope this works for you too. Nourish is a beautiful word and we all need lots this, I hope it comes to you in a bountiful way.


Nourish! Truly, that word is yours...and the opening page of your Traveller's Notebook is perfect: you look so happy and well-nourished. I am looking forward to continuing the journey in 2017.


Fiona@Staring at the Sea

I'm with you on that spelling Alexa. Not only that, but we've picked the same word for the year! Your doodling is so pretty and I'm very happy to see you still smiling.


I love how your word just came to you! And your title page is so pretty and fresh! I'd love to know how you like working in the notebook?! You're off to a great start, love to see your smiling face!


I work in a school office and my line manager is an ex English teacher, so I'm a stickler for 'proper' English spelling too! Love your page and your choice of word is perfect.


Hello Alexa! love seeing your smiling face welcoming the new year and a new word. I think it's a wonderful word (I chose it last year, but never did much with it) and look forward to seeing where it takes you!


A wonderful Word - Nourish. A perfect layout you have created for its announcement. Doodling can be so much fun & I look forward to seeing more entries in your Traveller's Notebook.


"Nourish" sounds like the perfect word and I hope you find lots of ways of using it this year. Honestly, is there anything you can't turn your hand to? You leave me with my mouth hanging open in admiration..


"Nourish" is a wonderful choice---so many nuances to it's application over a year's time. I love that you included your smiling self in the introduction, and your title page doodling is so light and refreshing! A touch of spring to start the year---perfect! My word found me one day in mid-November, and I had several weeks to sit with it. It felt right from the beginning, and I keep finding more and more connections to it.


How nice that your word found you. Do keep smiling, that in itself will nourish your soul.


I love that we chose the same word! I'm planning to nourish myself with scrapbooking (obviously), reading, visiting new places (home and abroad) and photography.

Melissa Gross

Perfect word for you this year Alexa!! I'm so glad a word chose you for the year. :) That's a fabulous photo of you, too.

My coloring is usually imperfect, but it's just so FUN and relaxing, right!


Un joli coloriage et un petit mot parfait :) Cela envisage une belle année

Missus Wookie

Nourish was a good word/year for me - I hope it is for you too.

alexandra sirugue-macleod

It's a great word Alexa!
I have come up with one (2 really "en marche")but have yet to talk about it on the blog.


I felt the same about my word for 2017. I had been thinking of Home or Dwell, when suddenly Better snuck up on me and settled right down into my bones.

I have a feeling, though, that even with different words, we're hoping for some of the same things in 2017. So, let me wish you a nourishing year x

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