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Monday, 30 January 2017


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Nothing finer than a wonderful pair of shoes, and I don't think there's a screw loose at all. When I was working, I bought the same pair of shoes in multiple colors if they were comfortable!


ditto what Karen said - I'd definitely buy a backup pair (or two)!! ... and I LOVE how you documented the story on a scrapbook page - super fun!


I like those shoes, not only comfortable looking (& you report that they are) but I think quite stylist. I once bought 2 of the same red top, it was a true red & fit so well plus they were on sale - how could one pass that opportunity up.

Very interesting layout to tell the tale of the shoes - decision fatigue? Looks like you were cured (col).

Cheri Andrews

So glad you were able to find a replacement pair! That is the problem with "fast fashion" - you like something, but they just aren't made to last anymore and when they need to be replaced you often can't find the same thing anywhere. When I find something I like, I do tend to buy several - in different colors or patterns, just to have it. This year it was pajamas. Found the coziest pair by Cuddl Duds. After Christmas went searching and pickings were SLIM, but I managed to find one more pair in a different color in my size!


I'm in the back up camp, for sure. There are very few shoes which fit me and finally I now feel old enough to tell myself it's okay to buy more than one pair at a time.

I love your photo of "bits" too: such pretty colours. And "Moandayers"? You know, we could make that work lol


I used to do as Karen did and buy the same shoe in multiple colours until I went to work in one black and one navy. fortunately a colleague had some black shoe polish so I ended up with three black shoes and only 1 navy. glad you got your spares.


I find it so difficult to find shoes that fit (only a wee Size 3.5 - 4.0 but need 'em a little wide fitting) that I will definitely return to the store for multiples if I find them comfortable. It's the best way.

Happy that you have many a confidence boosting shoe waiting for you in the wings x


Love the loose screw comment at the end! So pleased you found a back up plan (or two)


I've often thought about buying back-up pairs - but it's usually when it's too late. Usually it's after months - when I realise how very much I love the thing (shoes, boots, jeans) - and often the original thing is out of stock. Plus ... I'm tempted to leave room for something else that might become a new favourite!

(That said - I now only ever buy my jeans from Gap outlets ... takes all that awful hunting/changing room stripping out of the jean shopping experience!)

Your page is lovely ... makes me wonder why I don't scrapbook any more.


You were very wise to invest in a spare pair ... and they do look pretty fabulous!

Melissa Gross

Oh, a new pair of shoes is a great thing to get in the mail!!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea

I'm a fan of the Griffin range at Clarks too. I have Mia, the t-bar incarnation and they are indeed comfy and keep me upright when it's icy. Glad you found another pair and the back up is a must. Thank you for your kind words on my blog post yesterday xx


I hate buying new shoes so it is such a treat when you find just the right pair

alexandra sirugue-macleod

I hear you!
Gorgeous arrangement of elements, so pleasing to the eye with these earth tones!
I too buy comfortable shoes in two different colors ;-)


Pretty smart of you to buy a pair and a spare (as in backup). Loose screws? Nah, don't think so. Forward thinking, I'd say. The layout is fun and fits the story perfectly. Will you be making more layouts to go with MMMondays? I think that's a brilliant idea!

Missus Wookie

I remind myself that I'm unlikely to change shoe size and therefore am happy to buy another pair if I find one that works. I need to buy some more (and I do hate shoe shopping) so may end up looking at Clarks after the recommendations here.


I love how you used that sheet with all the negative spaces!!! And your mix of photo, ephemera and text is very clever!

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