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Monday, 16 January 2017


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Oh, fantastic! What would I have given to have been there when you were sorting it out! Because I can just picture our men sitting round the table with us agreeing that action was needed, can't you? I'm tickled just thinking about it. (Not, of course, that you would have needed my help, of course not; but the idea of it, you know?) It's going to go down...a storm!


I have sons in their thirties who would be envious of that!


There was a day when I might have attempted such a project, but at the very least, I would lack the confidence now. What a fine costume, and of course, the handmade, personalized badge is the crowning touch!


Oh my what a wonderful Grannie you are - you are a treasure for sure & that personalized badge the icing on the creative cake.


He will be one jazzed little Jedi. Well done - I say, the force was with you too!

Melissa Gross

Oh my, what a fabulous costume! We're huge Star Wars fans here. I'm so glad you were able to improve on it and add that special badge. I'm sure the Force will be with it and that it will be enthusiastically received!


SO AWESOME! I don't know much about Star Wars, but I do know the Jedis are the good guys - so yay! for a grandma who sews and has the vision (Force?) to pull off a great costume!


That's wonderful Alexa! Such a personal and unique present, I bet your grandson will love it! Well done on the fabric badge, it is the finishing touch. I used to print on to fabric but my new printer really doesn't like it - that is very annoying!


so frustrating that the original was in such a poor state but it looks fantastic now and the personal badge is perfect - I imagine it will be getting a great deal of wear


What a marvellous Granny you are! Personalised? He's going to be tickled pink!

Missus Wookie

Oh what a wonderfully talented granny you are. Bet he's overjoyed, an 'official' badge and everything!

Ewok was a Jedi way back when he was 6 too. Costumes back then had to come from the US.


Oh! Clearly the Jedi were/are with you! I wish I could be there to witness your grandson's eyes when he opens his post! Such a wonderful grandma's special touch. You rock!


This is sooooo cool! Love it Alexa and the story that goes with it. You are a grandmotherly treasure for sure! =)


He's going to be thrilled with it. How lucky you are handy with a needle - and that personalised badge is just the finishing touch!

alexandra sirugue-macleod

Lucky Grandson!
You are so talented Alexa!
The force is most definitely with YOU!!

Barbara Eads

What a great story! I'm sure he's going to love it--even if he doesn't understand the love that went in to it!

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