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Tuesday, 20 December 2016


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Oh my dear it has been a very rough bumpy start to the month. Sending lots of good energy & prayers for your family. But oh the joy of a wedding to celebrate life at some fine moments. A visit with a friend! Your pages are beautifully done, your words so engaging.

Happy Christmas Alexa & may 2017 be a year of turn around joy in abundance. I bought birthday candles; 2 0 1 6 & come New Year's Eve I will light them to burn the bad parts of 2016 & to shed light upon the good 2016 saw, I know it is was there.


Said a little prayer for your Dad, and you and your whole family. Merry Christmas and wishes for a healthier happier 2017, Alexa.


You will be happy to usher in a New Year, and so deserving of one filled with good things. Like Mary-Lou I am so appreciative your wonderful writing---and photography, too. That you have kept up with your December journal with all that has been going on in your life puts me to shame. Mine is barely begun. Blessings for the holiday!


Maybe a hat next then? :)

It seems a little wrong (or as Little E would have it "a little bit not right") to tell you your pages are gorgeous when they are record hard times; but they certainly are very easy on the eye (apart from the obvious of course). Sending so very many good wishes your way this Christmas


we have been back on forth to my mum's this month as she broke her hip, it can be a very stressful time as she has dementia too. My thoughts are with you and your family xx

alexandra sirugue-macleod

Oh i love your DD Alexa!
Wishing you a beautiful and hopefully stressless Holiday!
Greetings from Paris~


I'm so impressed by your dedication - not merely to your family - but to documenting your time so beautifully. Even the hard times. It really is a meaningful slice of life. x


I'm amazed how much creative energy you have in spite of everything else going on - what a year. what a month! Sending warmest wishes for peace and healing... and a Merry Christmas!

Cheri Andrews

I'm amazed that amidst all the crazy and the difficult, you've still managed to create such beautiful pages! 2016 was indeed a tough year for you and I'm hoping that 2017 will favor you with healing and respite. So glad you got out to see Sian - you two look so happy together. I've also downloaded Susannah's Unravel workbook - and am working through it a little bit at a time in the evenings. I didn't even think about Brexit and Trump and all the evils of the world while going through it though - it really is designed (I think) to encompass a much smaller personal bubble, so hopefully it won't be as painful an exercise as it seems.


A beautifully designed set of pages. Some sweet and not so sweet memories to share this year. Such is the tapestry of our lives. Hope you and yours get well soon and that you have a wonderful Christmas. I believe some storms are on the way, it'll be interesting to see your pages and whether the reservoir still has glassine water :) P xx


So sorry to hear about your dad Alexa. My uncle had skin cancer on his scalp and it isn't pleasant. Your pure dad endures alot and it is very wearing for you too, those hours of driving and supporting your dad. I hope the coming year is kinder to you both.

Melissa Gross

Oh Alexa, what a start to the month! Sending prayers that your dad is doing better and that y'all receive lots of blessings after such a tough year! Wishing you a lovely Christmas this weekend!!


Indomitable Spirit - Yours! shines brightly through these trying times and in your Dec pages ... you are a strong person and a very talented teller of story... I so hope that this Christmas Day finds you enjoying the break in the hustle and travel and that your father's treatments are nearing the end if not finished. Know that I hold you in my thoughts and send you wishes for the very best and peace in this year...heaven knows we need it.

Merry Christmas Alexa


PS. I like how you used the screen saver...I'm going to "steal" the idea and add to my album...plus, the TN size seems to work really well.


I've been away and finally getting time to read some blogs and reconnect with life. I hope your Dad has recovered from his chemo and you could all enjoy Christmas. A family friend went down rapidly recently with dementia. He's now in care and didn't seem to register that it was Christmas. I hope next year is cheerier for you. You deserve the very best of everything

Missus Wookie

Reading backwards, I'm so glad that the start of the month improved. I too didn't do my usual review of the year, too grateful for having survived and looking forward to not having to move house this year.

The unravelling is how it feels doesn't it? So thankful that the medical help was available and that you got over to Ireland for a bit too.


Gosh, Alexa. This is beautiful. Your stunning photography, combined with your words and these simplified layouts make this simply amazing!

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