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Monday, 03 October 2016


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Birthday wishes to your Dad - 93 years old - well done. This was probably the best birthday gift you could have given him. There is something wonderful about the sea - the water, the air, the smells. Lovely photos.

alexandra sirugue-macleod

Happy Birthday // Joyeux Anniversaire to Your Lovely Dad!
Your post is both beautiful and very moving.
My Dad would have been 82 on Thursday.


So moving Alexa. Your whole adventure sounds full of optimism and hope and a willingness to make the day the best one possible. I'm so pleased it paid off for you all. xx


Ach, this is just lovely! It has managed to put a smile not just on the face of the birthday boy, but on mine (and everyone else who reads) too. A tonic of a post: as good as that sea air!


that was a brilliant day! happy 93rd birthday to your dad!!


How wonderful ... for Dad, Himself and you! And how fortunate that the weather decided to play along. I'm also now trying to work out exactly where it is you went to ...

Barbara Eads

This post brought a tear to my eye for sure! It was so special to make that trip for your dad. What a nice thing to do for him. I'm sure he appreciated reminiscing and sharing some stories with you. AND you got a FIRST out of it!


So beautiful. What a lovely day, I'm going to call my dad right now! xo

Karen Walker

What a fabulous birthday gift you gave him! And it looks like you had quite a lovely time as well. Happy 93rd birthday! Quite an accomplishment in itself. Neither of my parents made it anywhere close to that age.

Melissa Gross

OH, what a lovely day! I'm so glad it was a brilliant birthday as y'all made his birthday special!


and a brilliant re-telling of your brilliant day - so full of positive spirit and the delight of family


What an absolutely wonderful day to celebrate your Dad's 93rd birthday! He looks great and clearly, he had a memorable outing. The photos are lovley, lovely. Happy 93 to your dad and thanks for sharing your outing. A lovely day!

Missus Wookie

Oh this is lovely.

I had a phone call with another 93rd birthday Ffriend recently who rang me to tell me this was her present to herself - to ring through her Christmas card list and chat to us all. So glad it was a good day for you all.


My mother who is 93yrs grew up by the sea and has always had a great love for it so I know just how special that day was x


Brilliant, indeed. Firsts with ties to "like befores" are brilliant.


What beautiful photos and this story brought a little tear to my eye.

Cheri Andrews

What an absolutely beautiful way to celebrate your Dad's 93rd birthday! I'm so glad he was able to enjoy most of it and was happy and content at the end of the day.

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