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Wednesday, 28 September 2016


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What a delightful daughter surprise for you. Strawberries in a Swiss Roll - oh yum, a perfect birthday cake. Well looks like some winners in the auditioning for the role of perfect accents - gorgeous page. I am very partial to pinks & greens with florals. I think the Bafta goes to white cardstock for best supporting role.


this is just delightful. what a lovely surprise for you to have your unexpected visitor.


Nothing better than an unexpected visit from a daughter (or son, for that matter.) Such lovely photos of her, and your choice of papers is exquisite! The layout design is just perfect. Looking forward to seeing some more now that you have a new album to fill.


How lovely! You make a very pretty birthday tea (and then a very pretty record to remember it by)


How very lovely! I think I'd like to pop round for Afternoon tea ...


Fantastic photos and what a lovely layout - your eye for detail and colours is so good.

alexandra sirugue-macleod

What a lovely post Alexa!
You made a wonderful last minute birthday celebration for your DD and she is beaming!
Love your color scheme and that layout of yours is delightful.
It would be fantastic framed if you didn't want to put away in an album!
Thank You~


What a lovely surprise for you - and she looks thrilled with her gifts (that wrapping paper is beautiful too!).

And such a lovely, delicate, layout - all chalky and soft and fragrant!


What a delightful surprise and a beautiful way to remember it forever. I love the colors and embellishments you used in the scrapbook page - they complement those lovely photographs perfectly.

Barbara Eads

There is so much I love about this post! 1. The surprise of your girl coming home---that's the best! We can't see them enough! 2. The colors in these photos are gorgeous---starting from the flowers to your layout. They are so clean and fresh. The little vellum pocket is just perfect. Everything blends together perfectly with your daughter's blouse.

Melissa Gross

What a lovely layout for a surprise visit & birthday celebration! I do like the term "auditioning" - I'm going to start using that, too! :)


Gifted, indeed. A lovely weekend for a gorgeous daughter and your creative re-telling is superb. Just gorgeous all around. Is that a landscape 8.5 x 11 album? If so, made by???


Missus Wookie

Oh - I had wondered how the birthday tea went. Last roses of the season are such a nice gift. Glad you got to do the messy playing too.

Those dies look like great fun.

Cheri Andrews

What a gorgeous layout Alexa! Even your "in progress" photos are so pretty and spring-like

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